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Forms of Government Of the three types of governments I will be detailing in this essay, each one has its similarities and differences when contrasted with the other, in addition to strengths and weaknesses.  While a single party government may be very centralized and strong in that aspect, it may not provide the citizens it governs with the same control over such an authoritative body as that of a multiparty government.

 I will explore the following governmental systems; monarchy, democracy, and oligarchy.   Monarchy is the term for a government system that is ruled by a single authoritative person, usually a king or queen, in which the power is inherited by family, passing along to an heir.  This form of government is often very prideful in the representation of national identity, bearing a close allegiance to themselves.  Such a government gives extremely limited power to the people, leaving room for influential national decisions to be left unimpacted by common folk, and the status of the popularity of their leaders.   While this form of government is generally regarded as outdated  and not in as common use today as it was prior to the 19th century, it is still worth mentioning as a number of modern countries still have monarchs presiding over them, such as the United Kingdom, which boasts of a constitutional monarchy, of which the queen may “rule”, but has no say in political issues.  Such a form of government allows for a more democratic approach to the government that concerns domestic, international, and societal affairs amongst its citizens.    Democracy is perhaps one of the most ideal governments regarding the freedom of the people and their influence upon the governing of the body of a nation.

 While a monarchy is not as inclined to the freedom of the people to govern themselves.  The core principle behind the government system of democracy is the idea of the power of the majority.  This principle is negotiated on the scale of the management of an entire country by the power wielded by elected officials, that then represent parcels of a population.  An example of such type of government would be that of which is observable in the United States.  The head of the government, or commander in chief, is embodied by the president.  A democracy is to me, the middle ground between the three systems of government I have chosen to explore, representing a system run by the many, not by the few, as observable in an oligarchy, or the one, as in the monarchy.


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