For know me yet, my name is Keyla

For those of you know who don’t know me yet, my name is Keyla Camejo and I have been a student at Miami Senior High for a year and I am running for club secretary. Since I’ve been in this school, I loved it here from joining Women of Tomorrow and meeting awesome, strong women and Ms. Turner who have impacted my life to joining Colorguard and becoming more close with some of girls in this club.

I believe that it is my time to devote myself to this club. I will love to see the development and growth of this club. Some people may not know that a club secretary is an important role.

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A club secretary mainly act as main point of contact like undertaking tasks as communition and administration, memberships, and mailing. As a secretary, I know what my duty is like running day to day running the club with the president, vice-president, treasurer and historians. People may be asking “Why should I choose Keyla for secretary?” In my beliefs, I am a organized and hard-working person who can be depended and relied on.

I am a good listener and very open-minded to advice and concerns that anyone may have. I am at all will to help anyone who needs it and get along well with others as I am friendly and open. I know that being a secretary is not easy nor breezy. A secretary involves the role of leaderships. I know that actions speak louder than words but if you vote for me, I will show you what I am made of and what I can do.


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