For is only the place where individual

For the past years I have become a student and
experience the unexpected! It’s said that
student life is the golden life, because of the important role it plays in one’s life. If you see this is the time of pure joy and
happiness as the mind of student is free from the worries of grown-up life. The
frame of mind of a man is built and called the formative period of human life.
This is the time where you take a call about your future, the way you want it
to be and every student should try not to waste it but give his best shot to
make it utilize at his best.


For some academics might mean everything. But academics
is only the place where individual can show mental strength but sports is where
an individual can determine his/her physical and mental strength. Most school arrange
for an Annual Sports Day once a year. In my school the preparations are started
a month prior, in order to decorate the ground and planning the event. The PE team
plays a major role in the organization of this event with the help of support staff
and the students. With the spark of excitement in every one of us and with the
mind set of winning which makes it even more competitive and enjoyable. During
this 30 days a lot of hard work was put into only for so called ‘Annual Sports


As the day approached, we all assemble in the walk way
right before entering the ground. It was a bright sunny day, as the drum rolled
we together in a synchronized manner marched towards the ground. As we reached
we were amidst by loud clapping and shouting of cheers by our parents and
elderly which our hearts filled with pride. It was a sight to watch, the blue
painted sky and the shiny green grass glistened in the sun with the students in
white. Then the principal spoke few words to introduce our Chief Guest and
called him up to share some words with us which were inspiring and motivating.
As the Chief Guest declared the sports meet open, one by one the events seized in
a systematic sequence as per the put-up scheduled. The whole of middle division
children show cased an entertaining and aerobic dance followed by the races and
other events. The tension built as the time passed, there was intense
competition going on between all the four houses. Then took place the final
deciding race to decide the winner of the event. Every runner hoped that they
may be able to win the first prize at these. The runners were called up for
this, I was one of them. It was very huge moment of the entire event. I felt
the muscles in my legs had shriveled up. As we took our marks there was
complete silence. The starter shouted “ready”, “set”, “go”. As the gun fired
everyone speeded for towards the finish line. I ran pushed myself as far as I could
but we still were together! There comes the last 10 yards, the other runners weren’t
able to keep up due to the sun and gradually slowed down. The noise level raised
as we head the finish line, this was what kept me on track. As I reached the
finish line I heard someone shouting we won that was very pleasing but the
pride was what made me fell the importance to my house.


Then the event came to an end before leaving we were
awarded some trophies for individual achievements by the honorable Chief Guest.


If you see life is just like a game, sometimes you win
and sometimes you lose. We as a student should learn how to rise back from defeats
and accept both victories and defeats with grace.


I'm Mary!

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