For that around 1.1 billion people in the

For many years humans did not have to worry about their
clean water running low, but it has been a problem for quite a while now. Even
though our earth is made up of 70% water, only 3% is clean and drinkable. That
3% of water is the water that we use to shower, brush our teeth, wash our
hands, and most importantly drink. Scientists have calculated that around 1.1
billion people in the world today do not have access to clean water. Water
shortages could lead to dehydration and also the spread of disease. If we don’t
take care of this problem now, it could eventually lead to as much as two
thirds of the earth’s population having water shortages. As you can see, water
is very important for the human race, and it needs to be conserved for a safer

This water shortage problem all started because of humans. The
first way that humans are responsible for the water shortage is because of
farming and pollution. Around 70% of earth’s freshwater is being used for
agriculture right now. This is because of the mass farming and businesses all
around the world. If that wasn’t bad enough, farmers use pesticides that
contaminate the water inside the ground, making it undrinkable. Those
pesticides are really hard to extract from the water and take lots of time and
money to do so. Another reason that humans are responsible for the water
shortage is the increasing population. Over the past couple years, the human
population has doubled in size, today it has reached over 7 billion people. As
the population increases the need for water increases as well. This is not good
because sooner or later we will eventually run out of freshwater for the whole world.

This water shortage has not only impacted humans. It has
also impacted animals and their ecosystems. Just as humans need water to
survive, animals need it to. Many animals are dying because of water shortages.
Many ecosystems have lost clean water because of human destruction like
deforestation, fracking, and mining. This disrupts the natural production of
water in those ecosystems, and makes it harder for animals to survive.  One of the biggest factors for water shortage
right now is global warming. Global warming has caused the glaciers in the
poles to melt into the ocean. This is horrible because approximately 68% of the
earths freshwater is stored there. Not only that though, the glaciers are the homes
to many animals like the polar bear and the arctic fox. The polar ice caps are
depleting at rapid rates and there is not much we can do about it.

Not all hope is lost though, there are still ways we can
help restore earth’s freshwater supply back to normal. There are many things
one could do around the house to save water. Some of these things you could do
includes, turning of faucets when brushing your teeth, taking baths or shorter
showers, and using a bucket of water instead of a hose for car washes. Many
scientists and engineers are also trying to find news ways to save and renew
freshwater. Scientists have created a method called desalination. This method
uses the abundant water from the ocean and extracts all the sea salt from it,
leaving just the freshwater behind. This method is great but also costs lots of
money to use. The desalination process takes two kilowatt hours of energy to make
one cubic meter of fresh water. It also contributes to the worlds pollution by using
up fossil fuels to power the desalination process.

the freshwater in this world is a must. Without freshwater humans cannot
survive on earth. It is important to take care of the surrounding ecosystems
and wildlife, as well as cut down on industrialization and other processes that
cause pollutants. This is a problem that can definitely be tackled down if
people join together as a group and take it one step at a time.

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