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For me, Pharmacy and Pharmacology are a harmonious blend of humanitarianism and knowledge, with a drive to aid people, regardless of race gender or religion.

Watching my younger sister being treated for epilepsy ignited my passion to strive for a career in health care from a young age. In particular I was fascinated by the drug treatment process, how a violent seizure could be prevented by a tiny tablet or injection that altered the electrical activity in the brain. many sufferers of various diseases continue to rely on drugs only to suppress symptoms, not treat them, and for some the existing drugs fail completely.This fuelled my desire to want to make a change for others, to be able to form new life changing cures.Studying Chemistry, I enjoyed learning about enantiomers and how a small adjustment in the structure of isomers can have a hugely different effect on the body. This was complemented by the study of alpha and beta glucose in Biology, how two very different polymers, starch and cellulose, form from a minimal change in the hydroxyl group. In both sciences I have refined the accuracy of performing practicals such as titrations and chromatography, which have allowed me to enhance my precision.

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Taking Psychology enabled me to recognise how drugs such as Gabapentin can affect the body, but also the brain, aswell as further developing my critical analysis techniques.To increase my understanding of the industry l undertook work experience over the period of a month at a pharmacy, where I shadowed the pharmacist as well as the workers and learnt the skills required day to day.Communication is a key aspect of pharmacy and in my time I learnt to confidently deal with many different people at once, both staff and customers.I gained experience of the practical side of running a pharmacy such as processing price and stock, dealing with prescription charges and using the till.

I developed my knowledge and began to learn to identify different medicines, their legal categories along with the doses and risks associated. how do I talk about what skills did ..?A second work experience at Credit Suisse investment bank, I observed the various roles of the various sectors ((took part in confidential meetings..

.))Being a part of a team further developed my communication skills word differentTo demonstrate my initiative I co-founded Science Society, where I led the pharmaceutical section, aiming to encourage more young girls to open their minds and develop their knowledge on the many different science careers. As Senior Prefect for culture, I founded the school’s first culture club which aims to recognise and raise awareness of the diverse multicultural community through discussing of ideas and organising assemblies and events such as a Black History assembly and Asian Appreciation Evening.

Previously chosen as a Junior Prefect within the lower school, following an interview process, I represented the school on trips and evening events.Another area that I am passionate for is charity, within school I worked as sub-manager in a team to raise over £300 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. In my free time I take part in events to raise money for WaterAid and PennyAppeal, as well as partnering with Johnson to fund eye exams and surgeries through supporting smaller charity organisations.I also volunteer for an online magazine, Unread, a platform which aims to give voices to those who want to be heard, where I have written a number of pieces on recipes, social issues and self-development.To achieve a balance in life, baking and enables me to relax and as an avid reader from a young age I enjoy reading all types of genres In conclusion I believe that ..

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