For future vision. Quantum simulators have very difficult

For many young aspiring engineers today it is their lifetime goal to create a Quantum computer that is capable of out performing our current everyday machines. Two groups of U.S researchers have come close to that goal by demonstrating their progress of some of the largest quantum simulators ever. Although their progress is impressive, it is not quite versatile and is far from their future vision. Quantum simulators have very difficult and demanding tasks, dealing with problems such as high-energy physics and chemistry. The amazing thing is that these devices have the capability of simultaneously representing multiple states of information.

Researches from renowned universities have come together with private companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google in order to make further progress in Quantum research. The research groups began experiments and a notable achievement was Figuring out a solution to  “create perfect atom arrays of any desired size and pattern with up to 51 particles.”The researchers then began their next experiment, configuring electrons to qubits. This method is possible by directing a laser to single electrons, which then enters the Rydberg state. The interaction between the Rydberg state atoms was effectively turned to qubits.

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      The second group of researchers took a different approach demonstrating quantum simulators using trapped Ions. The researchers realized when using ytterbium ions that they were most likely to separate due do being of the same charge so the researchers used electric fields as a counter manoeuvre. A current struggle for researchers today is dealing with the challenge of trapped ion arrays as they have a strong repulsion to individual atoms; this problem could stall the completion of larger quantum simulators.    


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