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For many years, the government had always tried to prevent the idea of having policewomen in the force but with the uprising of the world war and more officers joining the army, it was believed a good idea to have women wok in the service. Most women were working in the police service without any pay, this also influenced the government in having them work in the force. They were thousands of women patrols across the country, they were patrolling the streets, cinemas and going places that women would normally go for entertainment because they wanted to protect women from immoral activities. This shows us that there were a lot of policing of women’s sexual behaviour but in comparison to men being police officers this khaki fever was never looked at.

We see a bit of bias in terms of policing because men didn’t see the importance of policing women’s sexual behaviour or immoralities, they might have seen it as okay. Policemen could also be lenient with treating women’s behaviour. Having women police officers meant that they could tackle female crimes and wrong doings.

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This meant that women and men would not be treated differently because of their gender.  Before the war started the women had already had supports from the liberals and labour parties but it wasn’t enough. They were recognised by the higher ups because of the important role they had played before and during the war.

The women began to campaign for the right to vote but they couldn’t stand together to hold a campaign because most of them had different views. Some had different approach to getting the right to vote, the suffragists wanted a peaceful campaign but the suffragettes believed that the only way they would get what they wanted is through violence. The suffragettes got a lot of attention because they would do extreme things like burn down buildings and interrupt meetings. Most men didn’t support this movement because they believed that bringing this kind of women into the parliament is really dangerous and they would cause a lot of havoc in the parliament. This two groups couldn’t agree on how to go by getting what they wanted so they couldn’t stand together and this did not help them. There was also a downside to giving women the right to vote. This meant that the women might vote against most of the parties in the election. They might vote for the party who is more biased to women.

The parliament also believed that women should be in the house doing household chorus that if they got involved in politics it would change them to become violent and the parliament will collapse. They were never given the right to vote before the war, they were granted this right when the war was over in 1918. Although the representation of the people act gave women the right to vote but there was a cache to it. Only Women over the age of thirty and was a householder could only vote but later on in 1928 it was change to women over the age of twenty-one without any concern of property ownership.

This was seen as a big achievement for women’s suffrage because women went through a lot and had to prevail over many obstacles to be able to gain the right to vote. They had to go through series of events for example going to war with the government, campaigning for their rights in the country, doing men’s roles like driving buses and working in the munitions factory, to be able to prove that they are worthy in the society, they had to show the government that they could do the same roles as men before they were considered a right to vote. For the Parliament enabling women the right to vote meant that the electorate was going to get bigger and more than double and also meant that they would have more rights than they ever did before and would have better roles in the society.  In 1903 the Women’s social and Political Union was set up by Emmeline Pankhurst. This was an extremist group set up by her and her daughters because they weren’t getting what they wanted which was the right to vote. Everyone in this group including her daughters were treated so unfairly because they would disrupt the parliament. They were known has the suffragettes because of the way they went about getting their way. They went by any means including violence to get what they wanted.

These women were thrown out of building, taking to prison which they would strike in prison. The policemen would starve them in prison. In 1914 during the war, Emmeline Pankhurst and the group stopped their campaign in fighting against the country but they decided to support the men, this helped to show that they supported the country in every means possible. The parliament took this into consideration when the act was passed four years later. The women’s suffrage movement influenced the government to be able to give them the right to vote.

Their actions and campaigns paid a big role in getting the right to vote.


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