Football,soccer, while guys tried trap it with their

Football,soccer, hockey:what do these all have in common native americans played games too Native American Sports includes information about the games, played by girls and games played with a ball. This is important because it teaches them things.Native American Sports Council was made to teach kids values. Pandas r cute. Game taught kids how to have respect, self sacrifice, cooperation courage, and gratitude. It also makes friendships because when you work together you become friends friends (Randall)People running small camps were able to communicate good message and have little kids be able to look up to them. Feelings of joy came from the coaches at the camp. Curtis Williams is known as one of today’s high coaches on track and field and cross country (Randall).Native American Games built strength and self esteem. Stickball is a game with a lot of players. Stickball is a game with stick, you can’t touch other players or the ball with your hands. Alaska Native  Ancestral Games are the most played. “Most famous is the Iditarod dog sled race, a highly competitive endurance sport”(Library of Medicine).Native Americans had to learn how to play pebbles pattern to improve their hunting, gathering, and staying in the wild life. Keeper of the fire is a game that improves kids listening skills, is played in and outdoors with a blindfold Native American sports). The best known Indian game is lacrosse. Shinnys is a Native American sport that is like field hockey and it was the most popular also mainly played by girls ( Native American Sports).Hoop and pole is a game with varying rules. It was played with a hoop that rolled on the ground while guys tried trap it with their arrows (Native American Sports). The hand game was a game with two teams and a game of skill. One team passed around a small bone or ball quickly while the other team would try and guess who on the other had the item (Elisha). The snow snakes game is played in the winter. Villages play against each other, and the point of the game was to throw the snakes fast and as far as you can.the snakes were like curved wood (Elisha). The bowl game was a favorite among the Iroquois. It was played with 6 white balls, 6 black ones and a wooden bowl. This game taught kids that reaching your dream could be difficult (Elisha).Ring and stick game was one of the most popular Native American games. It was only played by children, helped them with hand and eye coordination. “Showed children the importance of having a dream”. The butterfly hide and seek was a quiet game. It was only played by younger girls. The girl that was it would have to close her eyes and sing “butterfly, butterfly, show me where to go”. It was a game of skill (Elisha). The double ball game is a game that had two or three teams. The goals were miles apart, and only women played. Women played to improve their strength and agility. Sep game was a fall asleep game, it was a game of discipline. It made children sleep after a long, hard day (Elisha).Chunkey was a game of throwing disk-shaped stones across the ground. It was game to bring people together. “Involved many people in a huge arena”. The moccasin game was a loud game. Kids could only play if their parents said so. It included  moccasins, a pebble and a stick. Taught children to work as and with a team (Elisha).Plum-pit or bowl toss game is a game that is most requested and enjoyed. What you need to play this game is five plum pits as dice. One side of the plum pit would have a design and the other would be blank. “Players took turns placing the plum pits in the bowl and them tossing them once into the air, letting them fall into the bowl or onto the ground” (Native American Games…).Buzz toy is a game that anybody can play, but you must have a buzz toy. A buzz toy is a flat bone or wooden disk. How to play is you hold a handle in each hand, and the disk is wound by whirling the string until it is twisted tightly. “Then the string is pulled and released alternately causing the disk to unwind and rewind producing a humming or buzzing sound” (Native American Sports).


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