Food transferring food poisoning bacteria to the human

Food can become contaminated via dirty hands if there is a lack and improper hand hygiene among the food handlers when handling the food in their services.

Proper hand hygiene is needed among workers in foodservice services as hands had been indicated as a potential vehicle for transferring food poisoning bacteria to the human (Guzewich and Ross, 1999; Gorman et al., 2002; Dharod et al., 2009). Poor hand hygiene by the food workers may contribute to high levels of S. aureus and E. coli on their hand as verified in the finding of (Ayçiçek et al.

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, 2004). Hence, good hand hygiene practices should be practiced all the time if hands are dirty or clean, as Staskel et al. (2007) concluded that even if a surface seems clean, it may already be harbouring microorganisms.

Since there can be risk of bacteria contamination in by the food handler’s palm, this study will be carry out to examine the microbiological quality of food handlers’ hands by using E. coli counts and the effectiveness of alcohol based hand soap compare with normal soap.


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