A India a sellers’ market in most commodities

A professional manager will accept social responsibility of business, on the one hand, and has specialised skill and training on the other to ensure efficiency in management. There are many managerial persons who have achieved success through the application of professional knowledge and risen from ordinary positions to top levels. Following factors stand in the way of professionalization of management in India:(i) Traditional firms in India can afford to do without professional management and even without the scientific methods, because there prevails in India a sellers’ market in most commodities and demand is kept high through huge Government expenditure under the Five Year Plans.

(ii) Company management in India is mostly family owned. Top managerial posts are held by members of the owning families and their relatives. What we have is management by inheritance rather than by competence or by professional management. (iii) Since few managers are appointed on the basis of formal management training, the question of opportunity for its application does not arise. (iv) Management associations have sprung up in India in the recent past. The All India Management Association in Delhi has its branches in all important cities of India. They are doing good work for the propagation of management knowledge. But they have not been able to make their presence felt in the family owned business which does not follow social responsibility and code of ethics.

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(v) Management education in India is patterned on the western system and is mostly unrealistic to Indian condition. There is a mismatch between the quality of graduates turned out by most management institutes and what ‘.he country needs.

Management education will lose its significance if it cannot relate itself to the problems and needs of the country. The blind imitation of foreign styles of management may not be good for the country. We must not attempt to plant something which is alien to the environment and will not give the desired results.

A strong need is being felt to Indianise management education and training programme. Unless management education and training programme is free from Western bias, it cannot serve the requirements of Indian business and industry properly and adequately.


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