FLOUR determined by the hardness, protein content

  FLOUR PRODUCTION BYCOMPANY ATLAS         In this project, we are going to studyabout the manufacturing process of flour into the Albanian company ATLAS. Thespecific flour brand/company has a very dynamic role into the Albanian marketas the competitors are not many in number (Fabrika e miellit, Miell Tirana,Luna miell).

So, we will be all about explaining how this full process worksand each of the components that are involved. But firstly we will start fromthe basic which is the building. The specific company is rending the buildingwhere the flour is produced and paying a monthly rent to the owner. About thefirst material that is needed to produce the flour (wheat) the company issupplied by farmers the wheat and then convert that to flour by the followingprocess.As wheatarrives in the mill , it is passed through a cleaning process to remove coarseimpurities .

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Then the wheat is stored by its quality. This mainly determined bythe hardness, protein content and gluten quality of the wheat. Afterwards begins cleaning with screening toremove coarse and fine materials and then the grain is separated by size, shape and weight. The finishedproduct, whole pure wheat is then passed into conditioning bins. Conditioningtakes place before milling to produce a uniform moisture content throughout thegrain. Mostening helps to prevent break-up of the bran (hard outer layer)during milling and improves separation from the floury endosperm (the mass thatforms the white flour of grain). After conditioning,different batches of wheat are blended together (gristed) to make a mix capableof producing the required flour.

In milling process the bran and the germ isseparated from the endosperm and the reduction of the endosperm to a uniformparticle size (flour). This is done by a sequence of breaking, grinding andseparating operation.Thequality of the wheat going into the mill e.g.

protein content will determinethe types of flour to be produced. By blending together the many differentflour streams produced by the mill, there can be crated further variations infeatures such as flour of colour. All thesegeneral operations involved in the production of flour from wheat requiredifferent equipment and machineries. In total the company uses five differentmachineries to clean the wheat from the unwanted staffs. We have threemachineries that are responsible for the grinding process, here we have themiddling ground into flour.   Now wehave the flour but that doesn’t means it’s ready for packaging, we have to makethe flour consumable.

For that we are going to put in some small amounts ofbleach agents, some minerals  and somevitamins for the self rising flour effect after that the flour is left for oneto two month for maturing. When the flour is ready the next step is the packageof it at paper bags with capacity one kg per bag (there are smaller and biggerpackages available too). The bags are taken ready by a company producing themand they pass by specific machinery in Atlas Company in order to be closed.

Then flour packages ready to go to the market are placed into boxes (30packages per box)  and distributed tobig/small markets in every city of Albania.                Below we arepresenting all the costs that are required for the production of flour andtheir classifications.      Variable C Fixed C Sell & admn C DM DL MOH Grain Truck Transportation or motor vehicles used for transporting grain x   x       Depreciation on the trucks used to transport materials   x x       Grain needed x     x     Machineries needed for milling section   x       x Gunny  bags x     x     Water used in milling (3000L/day) x         x Fringe benefits assembly line workers   x     x   Power electricity for machinery x         x Repair cost of office equipment x   x       Lubricants for machinery x         x Depreciation of air purification used in furniture production   x       x Packages of final product x         x Fuel expenses on delivery x   x       Rent of building   x       x Cost of advertising   x x       Insurance expenses x   x       Property taxes on the factory x         x Repair and maintained of factory equipment x         x Salary of unskilled workers   x x       Salary of miller chemist   x x       Wages of receptionist, executive officer   x x       Salary of supervisor, plant foreman overseeing production   x x       Wage of company accountant   x x       Sale commision paid to company sales people   x x         


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