Fleet of a World War II military leader

Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz was one of the very limited numbers of five stars Officers in the history of US Navy and one of the most respected Officers by the US Presidents and by many nations due to his leadership, strategic ability, skills, managerial ability, capacity to carry out multiple tasks, intelligence, evaluating and controlling his subordinates with the willingness to do necessary changes in his command, positive attitude towards what he assigned for and military requirement forethought. Nimitz is considered as the prototype of a World War II military leader and as an effective wartime decision maker.2.         Fleet Admiral Nimitz had the qualities to inspire his subordinates to see a silver lining in a situation and circumstances where everyone else sees only despair and defeatism. The  distinguish characteristics of Nimitz were clearly visible when comparing to other five star Fleet Admirals served in US Navy along with him during the same era. Nimitz was clearly a people-oriented leader who put his hand on the shoulder of the subordinate and explained what they can do together. He was an instrumental commander during World War II. Apart from commanding naval submarines and battleships, he was an expert of diesel engines in submarines and tankers.

3.         Admiral Chester William Nimitz contributed to the success of the United States Navy from his early stages at Annapolis Naval Academy until his death. His accomplishments, contributions, and 61 years of service led to advancements in command strategy, naval education, goodwill measures, and the engineering and building of gas, diesel, and nuclear engines for navy vessels – especially submarines. He won more awards and received more decorations including several Gold Stars. His leadership during WWII won the war in the Pacific and on September 2, 1945, Nimitz signed for the United States when Japan officially admitted defeat on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. He was found as the strategic decision maker during the important battles of the Coral Sea, the conflict of Midway, Eastern Solomons, the battle of Santa Cruz and the battle of Philippine Sea which led to the defeat of Japan.

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 4.         Then President of USA Franklin Roosevelt declared October 5th as “Nimitz Day”. Nimitz is featured on a United States stamp and several things have been named after him including ships, schools, foundations, museums, freeways, military institutions, hills, summits, a glacier, musical compositions, eight schools, and even the town of Nimitz.


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