2. haphazardly. Many of them have a

2. Scene at a Bus Stop

There are several privileges of living in a capital. With the smile of every morning comes the excitement and adventure of life in its new guise.

The first and the most exciting as well as challenging of these is commuting by D.T.C. buses. An overcrowded bus, stuffed bus-stops are the usual scenes of the city.

But at times some new things are also added to such mundane scenes. Early in the morning when I go to the bus stop to wait for my school bus, I see many people, clustered together at times in a row but usually haphazardly. Many of them have a habit of discussing politics in completely engrossed tone. Some keep reading newspaper indifferent to the surroundings and a few, like me have a liking for observing the people around.

When, after a long time, the long awaited beloved, giant D.T.C. is seen coming with delicate steps (although making a loud noise), people virtually run to grab a seat in the already crowded bus. Some are even hurt in this scuffle and scurry; some complain while others take it laughingly. Thus the strife for success begins from the very beginning’ i.e.

boarding the bus and up to getting hold of a seat. If you are able to board the right bus safely and have a sufficient place in it enough to stand, you have achieved success.

3. Life in the Capital

Delhi, the capital of India has a magician’s spell for the tourists. But my personal experience exhorts me to state that ifs a beautiful place to visit but a ghastly place to live in.

Although there are many beautiful and historical places which fascinate any romantic heart but its reality lays in the stuffed colonies, long dark streets and over crowded D.T.C. buses.

Life is slow and quiet in any other suburb or village but life offers fight and challenges in Delhi. A man becomes so chained in his routine that the realization of ‘when the day begins and when it ends’ is completely lost. Day begins with the hubbubs of traffic and ends with the tired hustle bustle of people to go back. Nevertheless people like to come to Delhi because the capital not only has glamour but it also offers many job opportunities.

Be it a lay man or an academician—everyone’s aim is to reach Delhi for the fulfillment of their aspirations. The mushrooming neo-rich culture has given a new shape to the trends and traditions of this capital. Passion for money and materialistic pleasure is increasing day by day. In the rat race of gaining more and more money, people do not hesitate in trampling over the very human values. Fast life, challenges and adventure are not bad only if they are mingled with some fundamental morals and human values. Life in the capital will be smooth if we become a little more considerate to our fellow beings-


My Home

Home is the word that gives solace to each and every soul in this universe. It carries love and life for the people living away from their homes. It’s rightly said ‘east or west, home is the best’. Like every fortunate child I have my loving parents and one brother. My mother is affection personified. My father is caring as well as a disciplined man. I have tremendous regard for both of them.

If ever my mother gets angry with me, I feel restless till I make my mother happy again. My father is a quiet person but at times when he has spare time, he plays with us and tells us many interesting stories. He has laid very strong moral foundation of our character. And my brother is the cutest creature I’ve ever seen. He is so small but he is quite capable of expressing his concern for me. His giggles make me laugh even when I am in serious mood.

When I think of my home, I am filled with gratitude to God. May God bless them all? 5. The Book That Has Inspired Me Most or My Favorite Book

In the evergreen garden of literature mellowed with innumerable blossomed flowers, I like one tiny flower and that is a small novella ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Erich Bach. This book was given to me by my favorite teacher, who herself was a source of inspiration for me. It’s a story about a seagull—which aspires to fly very high in the sky—an act which is impossible for seagulls. But Jonathan makes up his mind and tries very hard. And in spite of many troubles caused by the ‘society’ of seagulls and fits of depression in the process of flying high, Jonathan finally wins.

This book has always given me new vigor and energy to work hard and achieve my aim. Whenever I am depressed and sad, I pick up this book and go through it. And every time I get up with my spirit eager to fly high once again. I have learnt from this book that only that man can win in the battle of life ‘who thinks he can’.


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