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Fish! Sticks is written by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D.

, John Christensen, and Harry Paul and tells the story of a hospital manager who has made some changes in the workplace culture, but is concerned that the changes she made will fade after time. Her challenge is to inspire her employees to keep the energy and motivation and to make change stick. In this story, the hospital lady learns how she can achieve her goals from a local sushi restaurant known for their high energy atmosphere and their very good food and customer service. In this book, we learn 3 key points being Find it, Live it and Coach it with these points one has the tools to be able to run a very successful and ever growing businessFind IT- We need to find our part in the organizations you are committed to. You need to find what organizations overall goal means to the employees, and what does it mean to you personally? Each member of the workplace will contribute to reaching the goal, but in different ways based on how it affects them.Live IT – Living IT means looking for and taking advantage of the opportunities that we are given each day to reach our goal. The authors call these “vision moments”.Coach IT –Honest and sometimes harsh feedback about the organization’s goal and your part in it, is vital for growth in an organization.

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We all need reminders of our commitments and what our part in the goal is going to be and how we can achieve it.The original FISH! philosophy to help people add energy and passion to their work has made another business example to help leaders keep up a change effort after the original novelty has worn off. In a story about a health-care leader who is trying to keep a successful change initiative going in her hospital, the authors give important advice about holding on to a culture of innovation before efforts backslide. As other characters help to prove the point Fish! Sticks delivers, guidelines for the next steps that must be taken after the initial change are shown. Fish! Sticks is full of wisdom about staying motivated to complete your visions, finding passion in what you do, and facing challenges. It’s timeless lessons is shown through a busy hospital, and a successful sushi restaurant, as the main character works hard at trying to make change stick.

Characters who the main character meets help her find the passion to continue the good work. She also learns to understand the importance of finding a personal piece of the goal The lessons she learns are shared through useful features in the book. Throughout this course we learn valid points on running a small business and large corporations as well as management skills that will help everyone throughout their life no matter what career path one chooses to pursue. Throughout this book it explains how to manage a successful business and keep a high energy atmosphere, keep people motivated to succeed at work and also help with customer satisfaction. Overall I believe that this is a good book for someone in management or getting into entrepreneurship.



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