Firstly, this is key rather than remaining in

Firstly, I would like to start this by asking a very simple question that I had in mind for retentive.   HOW LUCKY ARE LUCKY YOU WHEN IT COMES TO TRIBALISM? When it comes to Trablism, I strongly believe you are only lucky if your parents taught you to accept diversity, simply because if you don’t, Tribalism will interdict you from freely exploring and experiencing a culture different from yours.Tribalism is toxic and trending but let’s not forget to every trend, there is a counter-trend. One thing we must accept is we should be proud of our ethnicity and our tribes, but only as part of our history, we’ve passed the generations whereby tribalism defines us, why do we have to limit ourselves to small groups when there is a lot of endless possibilities.From my own perspective, tribalism is indeed a curse, I find it frightening, why we  believe my tribe X is better than your Tribe Y, that is totally being ignorant and this usually leads to violence, do you know why it leads to violence, because you are separating yourself from other equal people in your society as well as the rest of mankind.When you separate yourself by tribal lines our intentions become vicious and unseasonably. Therefore, this indeed propagates violence. Society + tribalism = Violence Society – Tribalism = Unity Why do we have to shed so much blood and demolish thousands of families for the sake of a politician, who does not know if you totally exist leave even knowing your name. The politicians know it very well to run a political party effectively, they need a degree of tribalism. The future of the world lies in educating the younger generation and it’s a chance to eradicate Tribalism, this can be done through teaching the value of Unity and togetherness. There is also a need for integration, whereby governments can carry out exchange programs in schools across the country this will facilitate the youth to get the chance to interact and learn with other students from other ethnicities/tribes since each tribe dominates one place than others and this is key rather than remaining in their own society and having one ideology. Basically educating and teaching Unity is the ultimate solution, remember individually, we are a drop, but together we are an ocean.Therefore Unity, it starts with You, if not you, then who? 


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