Firstly, a public sphere that would grow into

Firstly, any given civil society involves the people (civilians). It is necessary for civil society to offer ideas, sentiments and networks through informed and critical discussions. This is characteristic of a population that is becoming more outspoken and aware of the societal issues around them. Having strong opinions about what they consider to be acceptable norms and values to adopt, citizens in an active civil society increasingly wants to exercise its right to influence the government in power over contentious issues and policies. In a way, they serve as a form of check and balance for the government and aims to bring about more awareness to what they feel is important in society. There can be civil society organizations that influence Singapore’s socio-political scene. Civil society activists are creating bottom up initiatives for the future, allowing for effective collaborations that are creating interconnected networks with one another as well as with the government. This has allows the traditional relationship between state and civil society to develop into one that involves other civil society groups on various societal issues. Civil society therefore shows the power of cooperation amongst these groups in shaping discourse and influencing decision-making.According to J. Habermas, societies that are increasingly wealthy and educated tend to establish a public sphere that would grow into a vibrant space in which state authority was publicly monitored through informed and critical discourse by the people. This is indicative of a socially-conscious, interested and proactive populace, and will serve only to strengthen the political structures in Singapore if they are tapped into with a positive perspective.For example, in 2015, five civil society groups went to Geneva to address representatives of the UN on human rights in Singapore. The discussion included issues like migrant workers’ rights, income inequality and the death penalty. Civil society can thus create awareness and have the ability to speak out on international platforms. THerefore, with compassion, vision and passion, civil society in Singapore can shape Singapore’s future alongside the government.


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