– of glassware is used for general purposes.

– Firstly, industries don’t need supervision because they’re professional. In the college lab, students will need supervision (by their teachers). This is because in the industry people conducting the titrations are well trained, skilled and know how to use the equipment (which is more likely to be automatic than manual). This is another difference between the industry and college titrations. In college, the titration will be carried out manually while industry will automate the process to reduce human error and to work faster.

In that it will be programmed to measure the volume/weight of the sample and the instrument will perform the rest. In college settings, they utilise class B glassware. This type of glassware is used for general purposes. This includes volumetric flasks, pipettes etc. However, in industrial settings they utilise class A glassware. This type of glassware is used for the highest level of accuracy.

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This is more expensive however it is needed because it’s in the industry therefore used for real life purposes, college labs would not need this high level of accuracy and also it is not budget friendly for the college.


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