First, rise in weapons such as gun

First, The amount of gun deaths in the US alone is unbearable. The rise in weapons such as gun associated deaths have left a lot of people worried. According to ……….. As of 2017, we have had 60,055  gun violence incident in the US, 15,168 were deaths, 30,593 where injuries, 716 of them were children, 3,176 of them were teens, and 337 of these incidents were mass shootings. By what method can we prevent these horrendous crimes from happening? WHat i mean by horrendous crimes im not just talking about the huge public exposure mass shootings that we should solely be focusing on but the gun related daily deaths that claims 30,593 lives every year. Yes i know, mass shootings take a lot of lifes early from this world but the lives that are claimed every day due to gun violence such as homicides and suicides that  will also help positively reduce those mass shootings. Researchers investigated in Connecticut that  suicide rates decreased  after passing a law that requires people to apply for permits within their local cities law enforcement and take eight hours of gun safety training before they can buy a firearm.  In the preventive Effect of Strict GUn Control LAws on SUicide and Homicide by david lester and Mary E Murrell, illustrate in their journal that The rate of gun related suicides in Connecticut in the last 10 years after this law had passed was interesting. The researched produced positive findings, it showed a significant decrease 15% of suicides from previous years. I think this law should be adopted because i believe committing suicide or homicide is a hard thing to do , think about, as well as very hard to come up with the courage to build a plan to take your  life.  If pass a bill similar to this in all states then we have the opportunity to make a difficult thing harder. This would allow people more time to confide in someone and maybe seek help so that they do not hurt themselves or others and then the likelihood of someone wanting to go through with a plan will be less likely. These study proves that America would have a safer environment with less guns and with tougher gun restrictions.Moreover, It is clear that guns are a huge problem but its not only just a gun problem but a moral problem. When the fear of the Lord decreases, evil increases and i believe this is contribution to the end result on where we stand with gun violence here in our nation. It is also evident that those who have more guns to their disposal gravitate possibly killing more people with guns then those who do not obtain them at all. According to …States with higher gun ownership rates have higher gun murder rates. Gun death rates are generally lower in states with restriction such as safe storage requirements or assault weapon bans. If we can reduce gun homicides and suicides we will witness a positive outcome in reduction of mass shootings.Main Idea #2-Second, gun in a home is far more likely will kill a friend or a family member instead of an intruder. It is obvious that Sandy Hook was calculated and deliberate, but if adams family didnt have those guns in their home he would have never been able to do nearly as much terror. Nevertheless, Arthur Kellerman and Donald Reay’s research states that “a gun kept in the home is 43 times more likely to kill a member of the household as an intruder”. Obtaining and owning a gun for defense or sport us in your home has a strong positive correlation to increased risks of homicide, suicide, and accidental death by gun, AS noted in another article by david lester called the influence of gun control laws on personal violence. Kellerman and Reay continue to state in the research that whenever there is association with a gun used in self- defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicides attempts, and 4 accidents involving of homes with guns and kids. In another Journal called Seeing is Believing: What do boys do when they find a real gun: by geoffrey Jackman, describes how one third of 8 to 12 year old boys who found a handgun pulled the trigger. We easily overestimate the safety of guns in our own home. We are easily deceived by the fact that guns locked away and hidden in a high place won’t be found by curious kids, family members who accidentally stumbled upon it, or a spouse.Harvard school of public health in the 2009 article Harvard injury control Research Center  states, “Gun death rates are 7 times higher in the states with the highest compared with the lowest household gun ownership.” Authors Miller, hemenway, and Azrael also agree with this statement as they state in the article, State-Level homicide victimization rates in the US in relation to survey measures of household Firearm ownership in 2001 that we can observe a trend the states where there are increased levels of homeowner gun owners have an higher firearm homicide of 114 percent.” If we continue to strengthen the restrictions on gun laws and continue to educate gun owners on home safely it can lead to positive outcomes on decreasing the likelihood of friend or a family member in your own home.Main Idea #3- reduce historical massacre


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