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First of all, at UAA, you pick your classes according to what you want to major in, you pick your major and then after that followed the list of all the requirement courses you need to get it successfully complete. However, at East Anchorage High, schedule of your classes is already been set up for you, you can pick still have a little freedom to pick out your own elective classes that you want to attend, but most of the classes are already picked out for you as part of the curriculum. You can take as many classes as you want in college. Rather than having an eight-period day for four years, you can choose to earn your degree in as little time as possible. In high school, the time of your classes are picked out for you, one class is right after the other. In college, you can pick the days and the times you want to take each class, this way it’s easier for you to establish a work schedule that won’t interfere with school. If you would rather work in the morning and take classes in the evening, it is possible.


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