First cases are unreported because of unawareness

First and foremost,
we need to be cleared with what exactly sexual harassment. Sexual
harassment is any unwanted convey of
a sexual nature, whether verbal communication, non-verbal communication, visually,
gesturally or physically, directed at a person which is offensive or
humiliating is a threat to his well-being, arising out of and in the course of
his employment which according to the definition of the Act.


harassment is a negative phenomenon in the workplace that can adversely affect
the victimized worker. This behavior if left unavailable may adversely affect
productivity and increase cost burden to the organization. The type of sexual
harassment can be divided into two categories namely the form of intimidation
and the form of a threat to personal comfort. Although sexual harassment is a
universal problem, the interpretation and acceptance of behavior in
interpersonal relationships at work depends on the perception and culture of a


terms of sexual harassment, female workers have been exploited

as the most victims due to harassment by male
workers. There are also victims of sexual harassment by employees of the same
gender category. Male workers also no exception for them for sexual harassment,
usually as a result of disruptions made by female workers. However, the rate is
relatively low, about 1% of the total complaints disruptions reported sexually
(Ivancevich, 1998).







harassment is one of the major problems at the workplace especially for women.
Complaining to the employer, complain to the Labour Department, pursuing
criminal proceedings under the Penal Code and commencing action under the law
of tort are the preference of recourse available to a person subjected to
sexual harassment . Unfortunately all of these options are not conducive. The
responsible party needs to establish a law firmly and immediately take action
about this issue. This is
important as many sexual harassment cases are unreported because of unawareness
on the part of the victim as to whether the action actually constituted sexual
harassment, and if so, where to complain and what to do. Apart from the legal
implications of sexual harassment, sexual harassment could also affect the
well-being of the victim.


          In 1999, Prevention and Eradication of
Sexual Harassment in the workplace had been launched by the Ministry of Human
Resources. The purpose of this rules and regulations are to provide guidelines
to employers on the establishment of in-house mechanisms at the company level
to forestall and exterminate sexual harassment in the workplace. While the Code
has been the first concrete step towards conceiving the seriousness of the
issue, it is a voluntary code and the Ministry cannot constrain companies to
adopt it. A proposed Sexual Harassment Bill, which could give effect to the
United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination
against Women which seeks to eliminate as far as possible discrimination
involving sexual harassment in the workplace, was rejected by Parliament. In
the absence of a specific statute, sexual harassment at the workplace is often
dealt with as dismissal cases under the Industrial Relations Act 1967. This case
made to prevent our courts from dealing with sexual harassment issues such as
the burden of proof, definition and other matters.


harassment problems have reached a worrying stage although many steps and
efforts have been taken to curb it. Surveys in 23 countries made by the
International Labor Office (International Labor Office ILO) found between 15%
to 30% female workers are experiencing sexual harassment by the head or their
colleagues (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 1994).This is not the case
in a particular country, but it can apply in any country, both developed and
developing or that is backward.




are few effects of sexual abuse on the victims, sexual
harassment events can create a working environment miserable and unattractive.
Sexual harassment will suffer disorders of mind, fear of being alone, and
feeling weak (powerlessness) when it comes to a sexual intruder (Lussier,
1996). The emotional and mental trauma experienced by the victim made her lose
focus and interest in her work. Victims are also likely to make a decision to
continue stopped working in the company.


            There are also
studies that report sexual harassment can be affecting the health of the
victims. The victims will have an anxiety, pressure, rapid pneumonia and other
signs of working pressure. Job satisfaction and the performance of the victim
will also be shown. Finally the workers involved will be dismissed or stopped
working (Lawson & Shen, 1998).    


harassment also has a negative impact on it productivity of the company. Wilson
(1995) reports sexual harassment can be burdening a Fortuiie 500 company at a
cost of more less US $ 6.7 million a year due to lower productivity, decline enthusiasm,
increased absenteeism and employee turnover rates. Lengnick-hall (1995) also
states that sexual harassment can affect company competitiveness is caused by problems
that arise as a problem psychology, productivity decline, undesirable publicity
and action

the law.


but not least, sexual harassment is a serious form of abuse in workplace. It
can be regarded as a form of sexual discrimination because the victim may have
serious emotional and mental disorders. Sexual harassment is also not limited
to a country or territory, but it is a universal phenomenon. This problem
becomes more serious and need to get global attention in terms of business matters
will cause the movement and placement of company staff across country borders,
culture and work procedures.



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