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First, the interviewer should understand the essential functions of the job. This will help detail the job’s specific requirements and getting the right applicants in the door for interviews. The KSAs will need to be realized and communicated to the applicant to make sure they are aware of the duties the position calls for. This will need to be reviewed to make sure the interviewer can develop thought-out interview questions that are related to the position. Reviewing these questions will be ideal to make sure that inappropriate questions are not asked. Questions to be avoided would be ones that address the candidate’s personal lifestyle or habits.Examples would be:Do you have any children?Are you married?Are you a Christian?What are your hobbies?Another big thing is to let the candidate do all the talking. Though it is bad to ask the questions above, most candidates will tell the interviewer these things when they say “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Listening skills will be valuable here and the interviewer should only probe deeper and keep the candidate on track. After the interview, the interviewer should ask if the candidate has any questions or if there is anything that needs clarification. Thanking the candidate and letting them know when a decision will be made and when they will be notified will allow the candidate to know their window of getting or be declined the position. Candidates should always know if they received the position or if they were passed up for it. Each notification should be cordial and explain that though they had great qualities the corporation would be taking a different candidate at the moment. Companies and businesses should never burn bridges because a declined applicant the first go around could be the star employee the second go around. The interviewer should check references to obtain employment recommendations and verify employment. This will help interviewers understand the work ethic of the candidate a little better. All information obtained during the interview should be confidential and evaluation should be from the information obtained in the interview as well as information gathered during reference checks. Personal biases should be set aside to avoid lawsuits and the selected candidate should have the qualifications to perform the duties of the job effectively.


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