A company’s advancement was largely due to the

A narrow-focused orientation and implementation of straight strategies constitute the basis for business success. Judging from the case under consideration, CompuDyne has managed to define its main position, as well as the range of products it manufactures.

The experience demonstrates that the company’s prevalence over other security software organizations is due to the introduction of a core strategy uniting all assets of CompuDyne. Hence, manufacturing electronic and specific software has much more perspectives for promoting profitability and productivity because greater attention is paid to the development of a simplistic approach.

As presented in the case, one-dimensional production can be greater controlled by the manufacturers because all resources and skills are directed at sophisticating and improving a specific product (Nickels et al., 2010). In addition, there are much more opportunities for presenting one product, especially when it is at early stages of development.

Management of such products can also be carried out with greater risk because all departments are united under similar goals and objectives. However, the case teaches that well-coordinated and straightforward work is the key condition to business growth and technological upgrade.

Explaining the concept of being in the right place at the right time

Business development should take into consideration external economic and social factors influencing the production process. In this respect, the case proves that the product specification should be strongly associated with needs and concerns of community at a certain period of time.

The terrorist attacks and period of deterrence in the United States made the company introduce change to the sphere of specialization and focus on the manufacture of security equipment for prisons and government buildings. Additionally, the company’s advancement was largely due to the introduction of new technologies and implementation of successful strategic acquisitions.

As a result, the concept of being in the right place and at the right time defines a universal approach to creating a healthy business environment within an organization (Nickels et al., 2010). Because the manager of company Marty Roenigk recognized the production of electronic and security software as a good business situation for growth and profitability increase, the company revenues were significantly boosted.

The presence of exclusive market information served as another proactive stimulus for the company’s reconstruction and re-conceptualization. Previous strategies were not effective enough because the management team failed to introduce a single, united goal highlighting the main perspectives.

Case Evaluation: Lessons to Learn

With regard to the above-presented considerations and the case itself, a number of conclusions can be made concerning the main aspects of business development. First of all, the case teaches that the choice of simple and transparent strategies creates a solid basis for the company’s growth.

Defining specific goals, orientations, and target markets is crucial for sustaining a competitive advantage. Second, being in the right place and at the right place is also imperative for carrying out business because the external economical and social factors should never be ignored.

The case reveals that a quick re-organization of the company with regard to external demands has contributed to a rapid increase in revenues and productivity. Finally, realization of future goals and perspectives, as well as greater attention to production specialization, is considered the driving force of organizational improvement (Nickels et al., 2010). Moreover, readiness for organizational change and reconstruction has enhanced the company’s competitive edge.

Reference List

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