FINANCIAL as a branch of finance dealing

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF NESTLEThe financial management is a long term and day to day monetary operations, budget creations, treasury accounting, financial reporting and many other related to finance of a company. The financial transactions of nestle shares made by members of the board of Directors and the executive board. It also includes transactions in financial instrument whose price is directly include by nestle shares.

The accounts prepared according to the Swiss Law (32nd entitled Swiss code of obligation.One of the source of income of nestle is from taxes that they are getting from selling their product. The taxes are include current and deferred taxes on profit. The current taxes are income from subsidies and income tax. Whereas, the deferred tax is based on the temporary differences that arise when taxation authorities recognised and measure asset and liabilities.

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Other than that, the company also getting income from joint venture. Nestle merge with other multinational companies like L’Oreal, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Britain’s R&R ice cream and many other big companies. Then the income of company rises when combination of nestle and R&R ice cream brought up their business to Europe, middle east, Australia, south Africa and formed their new company. This is increase income for nestle company.Other than tax, exchange of foreign currencies also increase the source of income of nestles. When they bring their business abroad to the higher currency level country, they will get doubled or more than the actual cost of the product they have sell.Financial management can also write as a branch of finance dealing and involves in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities of a business firm. Financial planning, financial controlling, and financial decision making are the role of financial management.

Nestle got improved its financial reporting with management science.There are some assets that nestle getting for better improvement in terms of business. Asset for sale and disposal groups are no current asset held for sale and disposal groups are presented separately in the current section of the balance sheet. This are subsequently measures lower of their carrying amount and fair value less cost to sell. Intangible asset are asset which is internally generated in a combination of business and can be reliably measured. This will be useful in generating future benefits in terms of savings, economy and etc. intangible asset is divided into two types , indefinite intangible asset and finite intangible asset.

Indefinite intangible asset are asset that get from brands trademark and intellectual property right and it is not amortised. Whereas, finite intangible asset are assets that get when sell product or perform supply and it is amortised. Other than that, asset in form of financial are initially recognised at fair value and directly attributable transaction cost. If the financial asset are derecognise all the nestle group rights to cash flow from their respective asset would be expired or been transferred.   Financial liabilities of nestle are initially recognise at the and of consideration  received less directly attribute transaction cost.

The initial carrying amount of the financial liabilities and the redemption value is recognised in income statements, includes, trade and other payables, commercial paper, and other financial liabilities with using effective interest method. Financial liabilities can be classified as current and non-current liabilities. Financial liabilities derecognised when nestle group discharged from its obligation , expired , cancelled or replace by a new liability.


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