Finally, improvement or treatment of physical and mental

      Finally, it can be said that alternativemedicine and modern medicine are important parties in the field of health andtherapeutic, each of the method of treatment and methods that are based on andfollowed in the treatment of diseases. I believe that there should be a singlesystem of medicine, a comprehensive system that takes into account thereligious and spiritual beliefs of patients and their social and culturalvalues, a system that treats the patient as one unit, the human mind, body andsoul are a complete system that affects each other. In my view, this will beachieved only by encouraging scientific research in traditional medicine andalternative medicine to prove their effectiveness and the formation ofspecialists in this field. We can integrate traditional and alternativemedicine into health systems and build a new, healthy and sound approach tomedicine, based on scientific facts and evidence and providing patients witheffective and safe treatments, whether traditional or modern.       There are several example of thealternative medicine. First, herbal medicine such as plants from the basis ofherbal medicine, and are found in several from including pills, pills orextract to treat a variety of conditions, herbal medicine can be divided intothree types : Ayurveda, Chinese and traditional.

Second, Chinese HerbalMedicine which includes ginkgo and ginseng, is not used to treat a particularsymptom or disease, but are used to rebalance the body. Third, Acupuncture, thistraditional Chinese medical method is used throughout the body. It is a thinbifurcation to stimulate different points. Each point in a specific case.

Thegoal of acupuncture is to restore energy balance and good body health. Evidencesuggests that acupuncture helps relive vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapyand may help relieve some chronic pain, including : headaches, lower back painand Arthritis of the knee.      Alternative medicine or complementary medicineis a treatment method that differs from modern or traditional medicine offeredby doctors in their traditional clinic .There are many benefits known to thistreatment the most important of which is the lack of side effect after treatment,where the use of natural preparations for treatment. This area is also based onthe close relationship between the soul and the body.       The traditional medicine is” the sumtotal of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs,and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not,used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis,improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.

” (WHO, 2008).A set ofproducts, practices, and theories that are believed or perceived by their usersto have the healing effects of medicine but whose effectiveness has not beenclearly established using scientific methods.       The updating and strengthening of thisstrategy has allowed the organization to gain a better understanding of how topromote the integration of traditional medicine into global health systems,what is traditional medicine, what is alternative medicine, what the differencebetween them, and what are the methods and methods of treatment.     Like the recent advances in the world, themedical field has also witnessed an important development in modern medicinesand devices that have undoubtedly contributed to improving the quality ofmedical services.

However, despite the discoveries of modern medicine, interesthas grown considerably in traditional medicine, alternative medicine and thereturn to nature to treat many diseases, with the World Health Organizationreporting that 65-80% of the world’s population rely on alternative medicine asa form Basic health care. In light of these data, WHO developed the TraditionalMedicine Strategy 2002, updated in 2005 and 2014.Treatments are different from person to person accordingto the perception of medicine types. Mostly, people tend to seek traditionalmedicine but most doctors used to be skeptical about validity of complementarymedicine.  In this essay, we willdiscuss the differences between traditional and non-traditional medicine, whenit is better to use traditional medicine, when you can use modern medicine, andtypes of the alternative medicine.



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