Sub: (Company Name) Dear Sir The above documents

Sub: Our documents for ____________ (Amount), ____________ (Company Name) Dear Sir The above documents were sent to you vide our registered letter no. ____________, dated ____________. It was clearly mentioned in the last para which reads as: “The documents should be returned to us, if not cleared within ____________ (Day).” Accordingly, we should have received either a bank draft or the uncleared documents latest by ____________ (Date). Having failed to hear anything from you up to ____________ (Date). We issued you a reminder on ____________ (Date) bearing ref no.

____________, requesting you once again to either send us a bank draft or return the documents and the para concerning the subject reads as: “A draft for the amount should therefore be sent to us by return of post. If by any chance the documents are still uncleared, they must be returned to us by return of post.” We are now convinced that you are withholding our payment deliberately and we have no choice except to insist for the same. Should we, therefore, fail to receive our payment before ____________ (Date), we shall be compelled to proceed legally at your risk and cost. At the same time, in case the documents are now returned to us, they will be refused at your risk and cost. Thanking you Yours faithfully (Your Name) for (Company Name)Accountant

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