Film the film Hotel Rwanda for keeping the

Film  Steven Soderbeigh (youngest winner at Cannes Film Festival): “Film-making is like sex.

If I accidentally give someone else pleasure, that’s fine.” Dunkirk: film by Christopher Nolan that reshaped general perception of Dunkirk. The evacuation of British soldiers was portrayed to be a triumph for the British which was contradictory to Churchill’s rally calling it a defeat while the Nazi Germans have often labelled it as a victory.

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Canadian General, Dallaire that led the UN peacekeeping mission in Rwanda lauded the film Hotel Rwanda for keeping the genocide alive however, added that “when it comes to content, it’s Hollywood.” Rusesabagina was portrayed as a hero, however, the film was based on his testimony and according to UN investigations, he made saved victims for profit and those who were unable to pay were kicked out. Finding Dory: Dory’s forgetfulness clearly exasperates and frustrates Marlin, but the film never portrays that as Dory’s problem; it’s up to him to learn tolerance and kindness, with Nemo (now played by Hayden Rolence) as his conscience. Dory is a character with a debilitating handicap who develops coping mechanisms, gets help where she can, forges ahead when help isn’t available, and succeeds on her own terms. Pixar’s Inside Out stands up for sadness as a helpful emotion. Up teaches grade-schoolers that they’ll never be too old for adventures, even once their partners and their youthful dreams die.

Wreck it Relph shows us the insignificance of labels, not all villains are bad while not all heroes are good. To Singapore with love by Tan Pin Pin was banned over the portrayal of the government and the communist affiliates during the decolonial periods of Singapore.Computer Graphic Imagery Transformers director Michael Bay, go “mad with power” when it comes to adding special effects. CGI is not only potentially detrimental because it can look bad, but, as seen in some films like the later additions to the Transformers series, because it can overpower the film with the rising desire to add more effects than plot in a film just for the sake of making a scene look cool. Toy Story made CGI (computer generated imagery) popular and cost effective as it was the first fully animated film made out of one computer and it showed the film industry the effectiveness of such computer generated imagery.  Local Art People of the River- Chong Fah Cheong: commemorates the cultural significance of the Singapore River, where locals are connected to the river and kids play. Heatherwick Studio- responsible for the designs of the Learning Hub in National Technological University in Singapore and the UK Pavilion at Expo in 2010.

Strong emphasis on architecture and liveable design. Old Street- Liu Kang: pictured pickering street after the world war. The shops owned by the Chinese were still closed. However, the choice of bright colors, against the sombre setting represented the vitality of the people. Woodcut prints by Choo Keng Kwang in 1956 showed the harsh living conditions of labourers then.

 Architecture Anish Kapoor- Cloud Gate: computer modelling was essential for the construction of the sculpture. There were many technological concerns over the construction of the sculpture as there were fears that it would be too hot to touch in summer and too cold in winter. However, this was mitigated through the usage of a mixture of materials.

Photographs “Tank Man”: Tiananmen square incident. Symbol of defiance. Joe Rosenthal’s ‘raising the flag on iwo jima’ 1945 Patriotic Picture of American soldiers raising a flag during WW2 in Iwo Jima.

Controversial as it is argued to be staged as although the incident happened, it was not the first flag raising of the day. The flag during the first flag raising was too small to be seen from the base of the mountain. Vietnam war: picture of General Nguyen killing a Viet Cong suspect with a handgun at point blank range. The picture ruined the reputation of General Nguyen and while the act was not right, Gen. Nguyen had to do what he had to do.

It infuriated the American public over America support for the South Vietnam regime. 1968 Olympics: Picture of Smith raising his fist as part of a black power salute. Dorothea Lange: Great depression works, humanised the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. Iconic Work: Migrant Mother. It resulted in the Federal Government sending food and resources over to the camp although she got some aspects of the story wrong. Nick Ut photographed terrified children running from a napalm attack in South Vietnam.

 Literature/ Plays Alfian Sa’at: Merlion poem Haresh Sharm: Shorts 1: Lanterns will never die out, More, Still Building. Off-center: brings the plight of the mental illness patients and mental illness to the attention of the media and the public.Off Centre paints an honest, unflinching look at how the mentally ill are regarded in Singapore and how far society has to go to give them acceptance and support.   Plays are a good platform for interaction between an artist and the audience.  Music Political music is meant to appeal not only to the oppressed, but to those compassionate to the cause as well, and popular acts realise the power they have to inspire people to action. Joan Baez: Music is probably the only medium that really does cross all boundaries, and all languages and all countries.

Music is used as a base of recruitment but it’s also something for people inside the movement, it’s a way of creating and strengthening a sense of collective identity, a sense of we.   Music in modern society is related to courtship. The sex appeal in music we’re familiar with harkens back to a time when it was an important way of selecting a fit mate. By way of more recent example, Elvis’ gyrating hips acted much like the colorful tail of the peacock. Kpop: female empowerment in a culture with deep-seated misogyny that was exacerbated by the hoju system which stated that by law men were the head of the household. While the law has been abolished, there still remains gender prejudices among men and women.

I don’t need a man: Miss A, CL: The Baddest Lady; both songs stress on a woman’s ability to live independently.   Taylor Swift criticised for not openly supporting Liberal Ideals and condemning Trump during the Presidential Election. Rap music of the late ’80s pointed to more inequalities, with groups like N.W.A spreading stories of police brutality and poverty stricken neighborhoods within the black communities. Fuck the Police lyrics: A young nigga got it bad ’cause I’m brown, And not the other color, so police think, They have the authority to kill a minority. Music uses shared neural circuits as speech. Listening to or singing music with lyrics uses shared neural circuits as listening to and expressing speech.

Music therapists can use this ability to help a child learn to communicate or help someone who’s had a stroke re-learn how to talk again. Music enhances learning. The inherent structure and emotional pull of music makes it an easy tool for teaching concepts, ideas and information. Music is an effective mnemonic device and can ‘tag’ information, not only making it easy to learn, but also easy to later recall.

Music is predictable, structure, and organised- which is liked by our brain and the predictable steady beat, organised phrases and a structured form: verse-chorus structure. Sound waves that makes up a single tone or an entire chord are organised in mathematical ratios- and our brains are receptive to this predictability and structure. 


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