Feminist receive the Academy Award at the Oscars;

Feminist film theory has begun in the past 20 years to turn out to be a large and successful field. It is an extension of feminism in philosophical fields, literary and theoretical.Feminist theory is in several fields as:• sociology• Psychological analysis • Literary criticism• anthropologist• Art history• Economy• philosophy it efforts on the analysis of many women topics for example persecution, understanding the nature of gender inequality, stereotypical nation, and experiences of men and women and their interests.In the world of women’s cinema, 65-year-old American director Kathryn Bigelow was not the beginning or end of the story, although it culminated in an important stage in the history of women’s cinema; she was the first woman to receive the Academy Award at the Oscars; Women’s cinema has a lot to achieve. In a study conducted by the University of Southern California, it appears that for every woman speaking in movies, there are three males talking on the opposite side. And large crowds show that only 17% of them are female, which has not changed since 1946.

“The solution to this crisis is in two steps: First, the writer changes a number of key names in his work, which he supervises to the names of women,” says Gina Davis, an Oscar-winning American actress who has established a gender equality institute in the media.The second step is concerned with the moment when the writer decides to set the scene of human groups; to write at the moment “groups of which half of them are women.”These solutions may be somewhat strange; at the same time, they give the impression that the desire to increase the proportion of women influencing the picture will not move from a place if the influential men in their positions do not push it into action. They control things.Despite the great emphasis on non-stereotypical female roles, the 2016 cinema was unable to escape the expected roles of women. For example, • the American actress Annette Francis Benning plays the distressing role of the mother, who tries to deal with her deeply tense motherhood in “20th Century Women”.

 • Greta Giroj in ” “Maggie’s Plan” plays In the same role.• Krisha Fairchild in “Krisha” plays the role of an aunt who is enthralled by the whole family during the Christmas season. The English director Andrea Arnold has won her third award in the Cannes Film Festival for her film “American Honey”, in which she focuses on the strength of female characters, the freedom and fluency of young girls in a way that will always remind us that “Andrea Arnold “has not yet forgotten the meaning of being young.American director Kelly Richard, a 53-year-old filmmaker, has completed her seventh feature film, “Certain Women,” in which she starred in stars such as Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern, Three women seeking to achieve the course they dream of In the midst of open confrontation with life on the plains of the northwestern United States, the three main characters are divided between lawyer, mother and law student, with stories intersecting each other in the context of discrimination on the basis of sex. The film concludes that the power of women is the determinant in the process of shaping their identity and understanding for themselves


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