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Scientific innovation, invention, and growth in international cooperation has resulted to corporate citizenship and good cooperation between the Americans and the Vietnamese; according to Hung Cam Thai in his book “Better or For Worse”, globalization has had an effect on transpacific Vietnamese marriages; the Vietnamese are increasing engaging in trans-border marriages.

Since the Vietnam War, there has been an increased migration of American-Vietnamese men to Vietnam to look and marry their brides. This paper is paper discusses the changes that has occurred in transpacific Vietnamese marriages because of globalization. The society places income as a main hindrance or facilitator of marriage pin the economy, however with the trend in globalization, women Vietnamese women are getting more exposed to “marriageable men”, these are men with well paying careers from different countries who can maintain a family. On the other hand the bar or unmarriageable men has short as men with low income are increasing with increased “competition: for brides. The Americans are having an upper hand in the system as they are more economically empowered that local Vietnamese e men; this has lead to an increased transpacific Vietnamese marriages. With improved communication systems, Vietnamese are able to date, meet, love and engage in intimate relationships with people who are not in the country. Social networks and international dating organizations are the main platforms that they are using.

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According to Hung Cam Thai, globalization has opened doors for an improved relationship between men and women. The Vietnamese men were initially taken as the only source of men for their women, however, with globalization, women are able to date and relate with other men living in other places. On the other hand, the current globalized world has seen the emergence of single mother and fathers who are respected in the country despite the notion that existed before globalization. With improved transport networks as well as good relations and interactions among countries, the Vietnamese has been able to move to different countries for various purposes such as education, living and to marry in other places. The Americans can have closer linkage and can migrate to the country in search for wives and lovers. Vietnamese are moving to America, Africa and European countries in search for live hood as well as for socialization; this has been enabled by globalization.

Those people migrating to the people are able to mingle with them and develop homes and families. Other than the Vietnamese women moving to other areas, there are immigrates to Vietnam that get a chance to date them and develop relationship in the country. Americans- Vietnamese international cooperation have joined efforts to ensure that they make policies that can benefits the citizens of wither country; this has made the American be able to move to Vietnam more easily and the opposite is true. Vietnam’s education system has established that women needs some special rights and considerations; they have made the system in a way that they can be accommodated, the ministry of finance takes note of some special needs that girls have when in education and establishes such effective systems to look and manage the problems. When the Vietnamese women are able to communicate in English and other languages, they get the chance of being married to men from the Diaspora more so the Americans; this has lead to transpacific Vietnamese marriages. With globalization, women roles have changed and they can do as much as men can do, there is hardly any observable discrimination in gender when dividing roles (Thai 1-13).

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