Feminism because it is reducing them from getting

Feminism is an idea that all men and women should be equal in political, economic, and social rights. Feminism exists because there is a theory that just in general not everyone, but specific people tend to believe that men and women should not be equal. They begin to believe this because they bring up gender roles between women and men, believing men work and women stay home and clean. The media portrays feminism with the incorrect definition of what it really means. They see the word Feminism as an uncomfortable topic to speak about. They also tend to believe feminist are “lesbian females who hate men”. As in Girl Rising, Gwen Stefani, and Emma Watson give an explanation that  Gender Inequality is a negative effect towards society. Which leads in making women feel less of themselves and them being treated unequally.Females are being treated as an immature child whose choices are to be made for. In this movie Girl Rising, child marriages are being made because of the poverty, in which the young girls speak up.Because it is something that they want like have an education. The thought that people believe women are staying at home moms and men are more of a hard working dad is incorrect.This is a negative stereotype that our society portrays to everyone’s eyes. As found during Girl Rising, “Ages 8-18 females are to get married,” their life is already being made for by other people. They are being judged by other people because they add gender roles in what they have to do.This quote is given as a negative effect on the eyes of children, nowadays because they do not have an option to give their own state of mind, without being corrected or judged by others opinion. There are many boys that are soon to be men,  that are going to have to live up to being judged because men are supposed to be aggressive, mean, and tough. As well for females who will have to get married and be a stay at home mom. Child marriage will affect a female child because it is reducing them from getting an education.And if we don’t help a child who is not able to speak on their own, they will keep quiet and live a life that they don’t want.These females have less confidence and speaking up for themselves.These stories of young girls teach, that by giving a child an education their mind is set up in school and not being married at a young age.They also had the courage to speak about wanting an education and because they want an education it can cost their life because many people disagree women should have an education. Also mentioned in “Just a Girl” by Gwen Stefani portrays a lot of lyrics about feminism and the gender stereotypes. As Gwen Stefani says, “The world is forcing me to hold your hand.” She tries to say she is not able to move on her own without someone having to help her out because she is a girl. As she also mentions in her song, “Cause I’m a girl I’d rather not be.” The meaning of this is if she were a boy no one would care about what she would do and she would like to be treated equally and not less. It also shows how the world wants to see her as a sensitive and vulnerable girl. The expression that she uses is ironic and uses an example of metaphor to her being compared to a child and her actions followed as well.  This song has a meaning to how women suffer because they are judged, and how women are no less than men we are all equal. As in the title of the song by adding “just” says a lot like being a typical female. She uses a tone to show her anger she has towards the people who treat a woman less.In her music video, it shows how men and women were divided, into two rooms one that looks masculine and the other which is more feminine. An Actress, Emma Watson who is a feminist herself. Speaks about Gender Inequality, and how she would like everyone to be treated fairly around the world. As Emma Watson says, “No country in the world can yet say that they achieved gender equality.” She is saying how lucky she is to be treated equally as men because not every woman in the world has had the opportunity to be treated fairly. She says. it is an “idea and ambition,” that every woman gets to have the same rights as she does in being treated equally to men.  In her speech, she concludes in putting an end to the negative stereotypes and gender inequality as she says, “harmful and destructive stereotypes…have to change.”As well a man should be able to show emotion as Emma Watson says, “Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”She has a point in which states people diminish women, they judge based on gender.And as she mentioned, “men are unable to ask for help,” this affects men in not being able to speak up and afraid that because they are men they are supposed to be stronger. And “Men and Women should feel free to be sensitive.”They have as much right as women do, they need to be allowed to express their feelings without being judged.In Conclusion, People need to make a change and get rid of the negative stereotypes and gender roles, to be used as an excuse that women and men will never be equal. We need to make a change and allow that everyone can be the same and give their own effort to everything they want to be, without having to be judged or put down by others.


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