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Fast food tends to be the most affordable and convenient way to get food. However, there is a problem in the eating behaviors of both men and women because of how much fast food they eat. Currently, various health issues have been and still continue to be a problem all over the world as well as within the U.S. A big factor to this problem is the food choices that people, more specifically, the unhealthy choice of going to eat fast food. This problem impacts the health of both adult men and women because not only does this affect their health but also the health of their children.

These choices could lead to health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and even death.Prior research has attempted to examine the factors that go into fast food consumption, but mostly revolve around women or children of different ethnic and low-income community backgrounds when choosing their samples. Chen, Liu, and Binkley (2012) questioned whether there was a relationship between income and eating behavior and found that there are more factors that go into eating behavior other than income. Multiple studies have looked into many other possible factors that contribute to this problem, among which are the age, income, culture, gender, and stress levels of the people. This leads to the question, “What factors impact fast food consumption in adult male consumers in Chicago?”To further understand the factors that go into fast food consumption, one must also take into account the factors that go into the decisions of men and not just women. Studies that revolve around women tend to be biased and ask questions specific towards stress levels. For example, Richardson, Arsenault, Cates, and Muth (2015), showed this bias when they found that “perceived stress was positively associated with uncontrolled eating and emotional eating.

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” Studies would also take into account women in different income groups that have different social influences that determine their food choices (Vilaro, Barnett, Mathews, Pomeranz, & Curbow, 2016). There is also a stigma around men that men can’t cook and let their wives do the cooking. Holmes, Roberts, and Nelson (2008), state that “older men, particularly those who live alone, may be even more at risk of an inadequate diet.” This is commonly known because the women usually cook for the men at home.

Not having home cooked meals leaves them to eat outside and turn to fast food because men, apparently, do not know how to cook. The factors of fast food consumption of adult males is a topic that has not yet been explored. Therefore, it could be assumed that men eat fast food a lot which may or may not be the case. This study will contribute to the body of knowledge needed to address this problem by studying men in the Chicago area and their eating habits as well as finding out what leads them to make unhealthy food choices and why. The purpose of this study is to examine the factors that impact fast food consumption among adult male consumers in Chicago. This topic has been studied, but none have focused on men specifically. In order to examine such factors, a survey would be administered at 3 of the most popular fast food chain restaurants: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and KFC. It would only be handed to adult males.

Questions asked in the survey would provide data on the factors that impact their food choices. By examining these factors, one could either step away from the bias imposed on men or could confirm it. Knowing these factors could make a change in the portrayal of fast food to specific genders and potentially help to lower fast food consumption and avoid health problems from occurring.


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