What see everywhere is clothing with logos

What is fashion? Is it the way you walk? The way you style your hair? Your attitude? One of the most common things I think of when I think of fashion is clothing. I think the media has somehow imbedded this in my mind! I thought that it would help me if I looked up what fashion is in the dictionary for this letter. It said that fashion is The mode of dress, manners, living..

Thats a lot broader than what I thought!When I first wanted to go to Banting, my older sister, Claire, said that some of the students there were very shallow and that they judge you by what brand name clothing you are wearing, but I disagree. Banting has a wide variety of clothes and fashions and although brand name fashions are one small category, it certainly isnt the dress code for Banting AT ALL. Many senior girls, I noticed, like the look of black eye make up.

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Not the whole Goth look, but there are a few Goths at Banting.Juniors are different. I find that the girls have pretty simple fashion, but the boys tend to wear baggy clothes. That is totally understandable since they are very confortable and they do make the boys look bulkier. I also think it is just an image of looking tough they are trying to create as well through big clothes, which goes way back. It is obvious that some of the girls also like this idea of clothing as well.

I wear some baggy pants sometimes and I have seen lots of junior and senior girls do it too.Another type of clothing I tend to see everywhere is clothing with logos on them. There are so many of them that I cant remember most of them. Why does everyone where this clothing, and why do stores want you to wear this clothing? The only reason why students wear this clothing is probably because they like it, but stores really want you to wear their clothing as well so that the logos can them to advertise their stores. My mother told me at one point when she was a child that stores used to give away these shirts as an attempt to do this as well, and that is where the original idea came from.I really like the fashion at Banting, not just because of the clothes, but because there is no peer pressure behind it. I can still remember in public school when kids used to be humiliated just because they didnt have the latest Adidas shirt or something ridiculous like that.

It drove me nuts!! Now, students still tend to dress a bit similar to what students did in public school, but now you arent made fun of for just dressing differently. Still, at some high schools dress code can be a peer pressure problem. I think this is partly the reason why some schools make you wear uniforms. In a sense, it is a good idea because you have eliminated the dress code problem, but at the same time, you have taken away some of the students individuality.All in all, fashion seems like a never ending study, probably because it is a branch of psychology, but it still surprises me how big a role fashion plays in our minds and where we work. Like the ever popular cliche says, Be yourself, because it is too hard for me to totally keep up with the quick pase of fashion anymore.Words/ Pages : 609 / 24


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