Farmers have been finding ways

Farmers have been finding ways to increase its crop yields and they have successfully found a method through the application of organic and inorganic fertilizers. According to Pan et al. of 2009, the combining of inorganic and organic fertilizer improves microbial activity and increase grain production. Fermented organic matter, also known as Bokashi, is a mixture of rice brain, rape seed meal, rice husk, effective microorganisms, sugar cane molasses and water which was found effective in farming system by Terou Higa in 1996 (Lee et al.

, 2008). The farmers have locally produced fermented organic matter products to increase soil organic matter and crop growth yields (Dou et al., 2003). Several studies confirmed that fermented organic matter have been successful in various agricultural application. It was observed that application of Bokashi improves the root system and yield of paddy rice (Kujjira et al.

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, 2000); it increases available nutrients by which it improve soil fertility, soil porosity, permeability, and increasing microbial mass of soil (Xiaohou et al., 2008); and addition of fermented organic matter increases water holding capacity which was beneficial for seedling survival (Sekeran et al., 2005).In 2006, a study was reported that Bokashi changes microbial communities by increasing population of beneficial species while suppressing bacteria like Cyanobacteria that pose health risk (Lurling et al., 2010).



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