FAHIMA to develop business which now benefit over

FAHIMA SULAITUNIT: 13Recruitment and selection in business.

A.URWIBUTSO ENTERPRISES.Urwibutso Enterprise started in 1983 by a young and dynamic Sina Gérard with one employee as compared to 421 employees today. It uses local human capacity and resources to develop business which now benefit over 3,000 families. Urwibutso means something to remember, a memory.

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He started with a small shop located halfway on the journey to Ruhengeri, or current Musanze, and the bakery started working in 1985 at Nyirangarama.They make grow many plants: fruits, flowers, vegetables, banana and some of those products are proceeded in the Urwibutso’s factory in juices, wine (banana), and jam. With the most popular, Akabanga: Chili pepper sauce. The livestock is mainly made of rabbits, ducks, cows, pigs.

The bakery of Urwibutso Eses makes also many sort of breads for its clients.Urwibutso can establish training and development programs when they recognize the need to grow people into more elaborate roles after initial hiring decisions.B.HARRIS INTERNATIONAL.Harris international limited was incorporated in year 2005 with the main objective of carrying out the business in manufacturing Biscuits ,still drinks ,mineral water, fresh fruit juice and carbonated soft energy drinks to satisfy the needs of the Ugandan market in food and beverages.Since Harris started, ‘RIHAM’the brand name of the company has been established and promoted for all their products.

Harris international limited needs to recruit staff because ii wants to diversify and expand from biscuit, imitation juice and Mineral Water Company to food, fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks company, branding “Riham”as an FMCG market leader in EAC countries.Internal sources of recruitmentInternal sources of recruitment involve motivating the employees of the organization to apply for the openings within the organization. Job openings are informed to the employees of the same organization by giving internal advertisements, word of mouth or communication through the hierarchy. Many organizations are practicing this approach to motivate the skilled employees of the organization, to reduce the employee turnover, to reduce the cost and to get a competitive advantage.

Various methods of internal sources or recruitment are as follows.1. TransfersThe employees of the organization are transferred to the similar jobs of other departments. It may not involve a change in salary, responsibility, and position of the job. Transfers help in reducing the boredom and monotony of the employees or it may be used to fill the vacancies with suitable internal candidates.2.

PromotionsPromotions involve vacancies of the organization are filled by promoting the skilled employees to the suitable jobs and it can motivate the employees by giving higher position, increased salary, status, and responsibility. Promotions can help in reducing employee turnover by creating the hope of getting higher positions.3. DemotionsDepending on the performance of the employees of the organizations, sometimes managers have to take decisions regarding lowering the positions of few employees of the organization. These employees can act as a source of recruitment to the lower positions.4.

Employees of the organizationEmployees of the organization communicate or inform about the vacant positions of the organization to their friends and relatives. In many organizations, they allowed referring potential candidates for the suitable vacancies.5. Retired employeesIf the organizations do not find the right persons to fulfill the key managerial positions then they call back the retired employees for achieving the objectives.

External sources of recruitmentExternal sources of recruitment involve motivating the skilled and more efficient candidates external to the organization to apply for the vacant positions in the organization. Job openings are informed to the external environment by using various methods such as advertisements, campus recruitment, employment exchanges, walk in interviews, organizational websites, job fairs, and job portals.1. AdvertisementsTo find the skilled and more efficient manpower giving advertisement for the vacant job position is the better way. Advertisements help in attracting the right candidates and in maximizing brand image. Advertisements may be given in print media or electronic media, it gives better results and it is cheaper than approaching third parties.

2. Job portalsWith the growing technology and internet usage, job portals are playing a major role in finding right candidates for right jobs. Job portals can inform up to date job alerts to the candidates and offer attractive benefits and packages to the employers. The tools and techniques used by the job portals highly reduce the efforts in finding the skilled candidates.3. Company’s websitesWith the increase in business operations and globalization, the need for human resources is also increasing day by day. To face a severe competition and to reduce the cost during the long run, many companies are setting up their own websites for finding and attracting candidates with competitive skills.4.

Social networking sitesCommunicating about vacant positions of the organization through social networking sites help in motivation and attracting the highly skilled and more efficient candidates to apply for the jobs.5. Placement agenciesApproaching placement agencies reduces the time and efforts to find the right candidates from the pool of skilled candidates. They use various tools and techniques to filter the resumes and they send it to the companies for further processing. The main drawback of this method is commission basis on hiring the candidates.6. Job fairs and walk in interviewsWalk in interviews and job fairs are declared and conducted by companies to find the skilled candidates.

Following this method highly reduces efforts in finding more efficient human resources for the bulk requirement.7. Campus interviewsThis is an easy and economical method helps in finding eligible candidates, through this method organization can find energetic and more competitive candidates for suitable vacancies, this method is beneficial for both the candidates and companies.URWIBUTSO ENTERPRISES FLOW CHART.Harris international limited flow chart.


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