Facebook bundles. A study by Erick Mwashegwa Masinde

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg for Harvard University students in 2004 as a socializing forum and opened to the general public in 2006.

It is used by people of all ages and professions .It is accessible through computers ,laptops, tablets and mobile/cellular phones. Facebook allows its users to set up and maintain personal profile pages for the purpose of connecting, interacting and sharing views and content .The use of Facebook among students has significantly increased and attracted a substantial interest in the society. Recent reports find that the youth spend nearly 10 hours per day using some form of technology with socially networked media playing a major role in their daily lives (Rideout,Foehr and Robert 2010).On the research on Facebook usage and its impact on the youth.

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They found that active subscribers spend not less than five hours daily on Facebook .In Kenya internet access is now easy. This is made easier by the different service providers who provide special offers and data bundles.

A study by Erick Mwashegwa Masinde (2015) of University of Nairobi that shed light on how students use online social networking sites, time spent and the kind of information sought. In South Africa Precious Chibuike Chukwuere (2017) on the impact of Facebook on social life found that social media refines how females students think, interact, communicate and social life. The study further asserts that active users log into Facebook at least 10 times daily .Studies have shown that adolescents often believe Social Networking Sites reference to be accurate which may influence their perceptions and actions, Moreno and Kelb (2012) .Similar studies in the United States show university students and many more countries around the world spending a lot of time on Facebook. These raises important questions on critical aspects but fail to address whether these icon-related lifestyles are realistic let alone being affordable with regard to their home backgrounds, cultures and financial status.


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