Facebook site,,posts and even searching for information

Facebook has created connectivity, communication, discussion and interaction among people. The channel provides news and information across the globe. World events today are impacted by Facebook a media platform .As researchers prove that more than 70% of people get instant news feed from this channel. Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004; in 2006 it was made a public forum. Since then the use of Facebook has been widely embraced. Among its most active users are university students. Facebook has aroused significant interest and attracted massive attention from a significant number of students across the globe. Facebook for instance enables peers meet learn about each other.
A research at Michigan State University, according to the study, Facebook may foster relationship building by allowing users to track other members of their community Lampe et al. (2006, p.167).In this research focus was on why students use Facebook .The findings comprised of notabilities that most Facebook subscribers embrace the network so as to stay informed and constantly check on their peers .It was achieved by basically stalking .The kept track of what they wrote on the site,,posts and even searching for information related to them. Surveillance was the most common way to keep up and catch up with friends.These findings base on 2 surveys carried out on undergraduate student s(first year) students of Michigan State University.
Similarly ,Zeynep Tufekci(2008) in a paper -pencil survey on Facebooks concept of social grooming ,sees the platform as that which is used intentionally by subscribers to exachange and browse as well as making a follow up on family and friends.Tufekci(2008,p550)Her study sought to establish how adoption and social grooming are affected by the use of social networks. Using a sample of 713 college students. These comes after piloting on 51 college students on a similar measures but in qualitatively.Her findings show a positive relation with regard to the website use.She finds that non-Facebook users are lesser engrossed in social grooming compared to those that regularly and actively participate and visit the website.Another fascinating was that those users who actively used the platform focused on social grooming and inferred to it as the basic reason for using Facebook.

Facebook users employ surveillance to find out information about people with whom they have any sort of connection, even weak ones such as being in the same class this is according to Lampe et al(2006) study. His study shares and holds common grounds with that conducted at the Michigan State University.He also bases his argument on the fact that the site is used mainy for surveillance.He asserts that users merely embrace it for maintaining and keeping friends,neither do they for aquisition of new friends but instead to keep track of their activities,writings among other personal issues.The study shows that most relationships are online based .Its findings show that users rarely interract but retreive and acquire information about each other looking at what others are engaged in. In Rubles ( 2011 ) study related findings are manifested.In her study, just like in other studies of similar nature finds that subcribers of the network use indirect means/ways of getting to know about what others are engaged in at the time.Using a sample size of 208 students she learns that most users don’t actively engage with others but visit their webpages and read their posts,status and learn about them.She asserts that the most common way is by visiting the profile page of the specific user.Ruble asserts that Facebook as a platform has created a simpler and conducive environment of acquiring information from people and friends that could rather sound disturbing and too private as well as confidential to inquire , especially this applies to people who are not very close.Due to creating of profiles of one’s choice and viewing of the status and profiles the information can be easily acquired without interfering with someone.

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In a study of a similar nature by Bumgarner he infers that Facebook use culminates to interracting socially through disseminating information about others .He findings focus on the fact that the website can be said to market one’s information.He asserts that Facebook in this case is not used as a platform of interracting and communicating Bumgarner (2007, p.19). His study also finds out why most friendships are not close in nature yet people have alot of information about each other.The profiles display sufficient information about the users. Bumgarners findings and Rubles merge basing on the fact that Facebook as a social network is not intended to display one’s private life.The settings on Facebook allow for users to publicize information at their comfort at the same time privatizing that which they want to.They can in turn filter the information .It is also possible to share private information using the inbox messages. According to Bumgarner, this makes Facebook ‘a tool for facilitating of gossip ‘Bumgarner (2007, p.17). Access to information is so easy that becomes a reason for tremendous Facebook users.


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