EXTERNAL the recreation centre which is constructed middle

EXTERNAL STRUCTUREManyof us will have an opinion that if the external structure looks beautiful theinternal structure will also be beautiful. So, in our ENTITY, we have theHullcomponents in External Structure:-·       1 Central Hub (Sphere)·       1 Agriculture piraso Torus (Hybrid Torus)·       1 Residential Torus·       2 Docking Stations ·       1 Industrial piraso Torus (Hybrid Torus)·       18 Connecting Spokes (Cylinders)·       2 solar power consumer plates·       1 thermal power consumer Ø    1-Central hub:-           In our ENTITY, central hub play’s amajor role. It acts a central axis of our settlement. It is also useful fortransporting of goods & passengers from one place to another. Whole processshould be operated by the central hub only.

 Ø    1-Residential Torus:-          In our space settlement, we have 1 residential cylinder. It is a place where ourpeople live and lead a happy life. By this Residential torus our Entity wouldbe survived 25,000 full time residents. The residential torus totally occupied6,733,120m2 in our ENTITY settlement. Ø    2-Docking Stations:          The Dockingstation is a place where all the external activities includingtransportation and the import-export of goods, industrial machinery and other resources will take place.

ENTITYhas 2 docking stations lying at the extreme ends of the central hub. Eachdocking port has 4 inlets and 4 outlets. Docking stations are useful for thetransportation of planes. By these docking stations, the incoming and outgoingof people and goods in the space settlement takes place.Ø    1-Industrial Piraso Torus:Inour ENTITY space colony, one industrial piraso torus which is hybrid toruswould be constructed for the various industrial management.

It would beconstructed as piraso’s. Each piraso is filled with some industrial factoriesand laboratories or goods etc. from the each piraso we collect the vast and itcomes to the recreation centre which is constructed middle of the industrialpiraso torus.  Ø    1-Agriculture Torus:          In our ENTITY space colony, oneagriculture piraso torus would be constructed and it is divided into segmentslike piraso’s. Each piraso contains specific agriculture forming and it will betransported to recreation center which is placed or constructed in the middleof the agriculture piraso torus by the spokes transport.Ø    Connecting spokes:·       6 cylinders connected to upper agriculturetorus with the help of spokes·       6 cylinders connected to a middle residential torus with the help ofspokes·       6 cylinders connected to a bottom industrial torus with the help of spokes          These Cylindershelp us with transportation. Theseare acts as a medium from the central hubto the tori. Residential ZoneThis zone occupies the space in the hollow cylinder.

The purpose of constructing this zone is to reside all the people who came fromearth. This zone mainly consists 75% of the residential sector. The other 25% is usedfor hospitals, educational centers, home appliances, medical shops and otheressential centers.Themaximum number of the population resideshere only. The cylinder is located in the mid of central hub. It containsfeasible environment for our people in our ENTITY.

The houses for people arebuilt nearby hospitals, police stations and fire stations etc., for theirwonderful safety. Mainly this zone also contains entertainment for people.Because the people on earth lead their lifeenjoyable, so to create the same environment we are establishing someentertaining games for people in ENTITY.

This zone was constructed with strongmetals because thesafety of people isvery important in our space settlement. First of all, we consider only the safety of people then we consider otheressentials. We create pollution free environment for people because we are notusing pollutants emitting vehicles in our ENTITY.

We set up hotels, restaurants, and clubs to enjoy their privileges.          For thesurvival of people, the mainsource is to get income. People get their income by doing jobs, so we setup IT Companies, Software companies Webdevelopment etc. In our ENTITY we provide job facilities for people.

Our main motto is to the employeeall the people in ENTITY. Construction: Construction is veryimportant for our ENTITY. It plays an important role, all the peopledepend uponthe construction of our ENTITY.

So, we give our best lives of construction forthis ENTITY. In the following way, we aregoing to construct it.The construction has a verysimple and linear structure. The construction should have flooring i.e. isshock absorbent, hard as well as rigid for tough tasks. The lowermost layer shouldbe made out of the lead layer.

The next layer will be made out of PVC Waterpipes followed by tungsten and water. In order to control any sort of shocksfrom explosions in the worst casescenarioelectrical supply stem. The wiring will be done on the inside of the silicon rubbertube. Which is highly shock absorbent material followed by titanium which is amaterial which as the highest melting point and then finally tuff tracking roadmatting material.          In our ENTITY we follow only this type of construction andstructure for the better life of people. It is very strong and very safe forthe people. So our ENTITY construction is also a part of the people’s livingtheir lives are in our hand so we have to safeguard them.


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