Explore class than those who weren’t. Slim,

Explore the theme of power in Of Mice and MenIn this novella, Steinbeck has kept power as the main theme and uses the characters as vehicles to portray what kind of power each person would have (also the lack of power) during the Great Depression. The characters’ power is within an hierarchy of power with the Boss at the top and Crooks at the bottom.

The types of power that could be seen in the novella are : the power of hierarchy, racial, sexual, intellectual and physical.The power of hierarchy is portrayed by the Boss, Slim, Curley’s wife and Curley. For the Boss, Curley’s wife and Curley, they are at the top of the hierarchy because they have socio-economic power. During the Great Depression, it was, economically, a very hard time due to declining markets. Therefore, anyone who was financially stable was considered to be of a higher class than those who weren’t.

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Slim, however is at the top of the hierarchy because of his work and respect.


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