EXPLORATION one that the French firm Christian

EXPLORATION OF THE ART OF CREATING SPACES TO LIVE (EVEN IF ONLY IN DREAMS)Unlike many other branches of thearts, architecture does not have that halo of consumer product: whether it’s aplay, an album of music, a book or a painting, the artistic products seem tolive in a parallel sphere, adjoining with that of the people.Architecture, therefore, has aparticular place within art: it is the art of space, with borders much moregrey, sometimes than the creative imagination. What would happen if thearchitects did not have a budget limit and could merely dedicate themselves tocreating the space of their dreams?This exciting exercise was theone that the French firm Christian Bourdais proposed to 10 renowned architects:Solo Houses seeks to give creative freedom to architects to make incrediblehouses in a property two hours from Barcelona, in the middle of nature.Although the budget is not unlimited, it is sought that architects address themnot as an assignment or a job, but with playful imagination.Thus, the Chilean office Pezo vonEllrichshausen made a symmetrical structure with a pool in the middle, whichyou have to cross to go from one side of the house to the other. On the otherhand, Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample will build a series of habitablevantage points that will eventually be devoured by the growth of vegetation,becoming a summer “ruin”.Perhaps the most radical projectis the Casa Faustino, by Didier Faustino. When it is built, it will look likean asterisk fallen from outer space in the middle of the forest.

The house of your dreamsFinally, it was time to leap thisfamily -until now staying in the centre of Barcelona- and start living outside,a few kilometres from the city, but much closer to the beach and the fresh air.An excellent place for your children, already almost teenagers. Although themost potent reason for such change was the acquisition of this house, veryclose to his dreams, equipped with large terraces, private garden and generouslysized interiors. The house, a recently builttownhouse with three floors, had a perfect distribution but, for the taste ofits owners, with traditional excess finishes. The new owners wanted to wash hisface and personalise it without having to do significant works.

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Judith Farránand Gustavo Carrasco, from the Home Deco studio, did so with subtle ideas andmuch more avant-garde proposals, which resulted in spaces with their stamp, acertain sophistication and a lot of warmth.Perhaps the only guideline tofollow was the absolute commitment to white; bleached wooden floors, ceilingsand walls painted in that colour as well as practically all the furniture andupholstery of the house. The conception of space emulates a brand new canvas,bright and clean, on which to express small doses of colour, always in thepalette of roses and lilacs, which also act as a common thread.In the bedrooms, located on thesecond and third floors, some license was allowed with the colours. Even withthe base also white, the bedding, the carpets and some complements of moreintense tones bring a very balanced dynamism; especially, in the rooms of thesmallest. 


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