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Explain the importance of safeguarding and protecting them from harm
It’s highly important that we safeguard every child that is in the setting . If they are not being protected it will have an negative effect on their future and on themselves. It will have an affect their education, will suffer, and they may become withdraw. It will also have an affect on them emotionally again it will also have an effect on their development for example they may start to fall behind on their milestones and they may reach them later then what they are expected too . Children need to be protected against the neglect and from abused, and early years setting is a safe environment for the child which where they are care for and they are be protected from being harmed, neglect and suffering abuse shown by adults the children are being looked after by approachable and accessible members of staff the staff members are there if a child has a disclosure to make or if they have a problem and they have none else to tell that can talk to the practitioner. This is very important in a child’s up bringing because if the child id cared for correctly it will contribute to their adulthood as it will help them to reach their full protentional. Every setting that looks after children have a duty of care and the setting should have set policies and procedures that are in place this is to make sure that they meet every child’s need regardless of their race, ethnicity or their religion


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