Explain of a team member not meeting their

Explain how team members are managed when performance does not meet requirements team members are managed when performance does not meet requirementsFor staff to be very effective within team members they need to ensure that the understand in advanced to able to know their own role and responsibilities in connection with their job. As a manager I should be aware of every team member strength and weakness which should enable me to delegate , to provide and promote support as necessary so as to deliver the best quality care. All managers should think about the possible causes of a team member not meeting their job requirements is that due lack of training, too high workload, staff issues, personal problems as all of this can contribute to poor performance and not meeting the requirements.

As a manager you need to speak to the team member as soon as possible and to discuss relating issues and how it can resolve. To provide more training and support which will improve performance. Also as a manager I should be able to resolve any conflicts or dispute in a professional manner to their level of understanding in order to build the team member confidence and boost their moral. As a manager you have to do an action plan for the team member taking into consideration all agreed improvement and to provide support as needed.

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You have to develop a formal performance plan. 1.Clearly what is expected from the team member.2.Provide regular feedback on their performance.

3.Team member clearly understand about the gap between their performance and what is required.4.You have an agreed plan of action in place about what improvement you are expecting .5.You have to ensure enough time is being given to meet the requirements for them to make some improvement. 6. You have explained to the team member if they have not improved what will be the outcome.

This has to be dealt with according to your company policy .7.You as a manager needs to carry out an audit trail of all the creating action plan. As a manager if the team still not improve then you have to go through the formal stage of disciplinary process.

You have to invite the team member for a formal hearing if needed can also have representation and they should have a clear picture and reason for the disciplinary hearing. You have to give the team member a chance to provide feedback of any evidence before decision on the level of sanction. The sanction setting at the end of the setting should be follow up in writing. Allow the team member the right to appeal if needed within time scale agreed in accordance with your company policy.


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