EXPENSIVE some people just watch these car on

EXPENSIVE CARS BRANDSSome who is looking for most expensive car Brands here I will describe some most expensive car which will give a great knowledge about expensive cars.

Many people have great craze about expensive car someone want to purchse and the other side some people just watch  these car on tv, websites,and social media.Its mean that just not a buyers have intrest but also other people which cant purchase have amazing craze.So now Iam talk about these expensive cars.1-BUGGATI CHIRON    Now I going to tellyou about Buggati Chiron car this is a amazing high speed car.it has a great body strucrure which make this car look better.The worth of this beautiful car is 2.

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98million dollar.Buggati Chiron is high speedy car with 8.0 liter 16-cylinder engine which make this car speed high The world record of this car is complete the distance of 400km/h just in 42 second made b  juan pablo its just amazing.Mostly this car is known as a racey car.

overall look of this car is just awosome.2-PININFARINA FERRARI P4/5   Another beautiful car is PININFARAINA FERRARI P4/5,this car has geart shiny look and the worth of this atractive  car is $4million which is not a very high price that kind of speedy car .it has 1600hp speed car,it can go with high speed 0-100km/h 0-62 just just in 0.3 second the highest speed of this car is 233mp/h (375km/h).

-PININFARINA FERRARI P4/5 weight is 595 lb (270kg) then some other car like enzo etc.you can say that this really high speedy blaster car.3- Lamborghini veneno Roadster    Lamborghini veneno Roadster is jut like a dream car  for every one,this beautiful car great look out standing because of some featured. the worth of this car is $4.5 million with currently rate exange.This speedy car has 6.5-liter v-12 engine is found in Aventador but output of this is boosted with 750hp which make this car so speedy.The record of this high speedy car is 0.60 mph just in 2.9 sec the highest speed of this car is 221 mph which is amazing and appretiate able.This brand is known as a most expensive car brand.4-Mabatch Exelero    Mabatch Exelero is a most expensive and racey car.the worth of this car is round about $8million.this car 5.9 liter v-12 turbo enigne 700hp which make this car speed and the powerof this car.The sound of this car is very attractive which attarct to car buyers.The speed record of this car is 0.100 kmp/h just in 4 sec .The highest speed of this car 351km/h which is which is considerd so fast The dry weight of this car is almot 5852 which is not good.In black colour this amazing car looks so shiny which i personely like.If you intrested to buy a highspeedy i wll suggest this high speedy motor.5-FERRARI 335S    My last but not least the which Iam going to tell you that is FERRARI 335S.The worth of this beautiful car is $35.7 million only.I just want to tell you according to me one of the most beautiful car ever made.The only four FERRARI 335S is ever been produced it has been a local french collecter since over 40 years.even this car price is very high yet want to buy this beautiful car .Buyer do not want drive this car on road even this is designed for racing but human want to drive this car on neat and clean road.The person who paid $35.7 million dollarhe is none a other comman man he is a graet footballer name Andrés Messi who paid this heavy amount to buy this kind of extremly dreamable car.So this information would be fruitful for those people who has craze to buy some expensive car brands.these all car have great quality feature to make them so expensive in the worldwidenation.fir futher information you can with us on facebook,Twitter,Google,.


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