EXECUTIVE According to the planning programme schedule prepared,

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  This summary clarifiesthe development of Eden walkshopping centre project which locatedin the Royal Borough of Kingstonupon Thames town Centre.

This site covers an area of 1.9 ha boundedby Eden Street, Union Street, the existing Marks and Spencer’s store andNeville Yard.  Proposed development have to demolition majorityof the existing buildings, refurbishment of the existing multi-storied car park(MSCP) and basement service area. Also the development includes rise of threeblocks construction which consist 16 storied buildings.Thisdevelopment includes, 385 residential units, 18008 sq.m.

Retail floor space(circa 39 units), 2,896 sq.m. Leisure (circa 4 screen cinema), 3223 sq.

m. B1aoffice floor space, 408 public car parking spaces, 171 residential car parkingspace, also re-furbishing the existing car park which will be wrapped by officeand residential accommodation and green walls, and the top two floors will bereplaced with leisure such as cinema. Also the development includes Memorialgarden improvement, such as landscaping and repositioning the war Memorial.Project is expected to be construct in programmeof 34 months duration and in several construction stages. In fist stage have toget planning approval, procurement work and contract awarding.

And majoractivities of the each other stages are; mobilization to site, preliminary work,existing structure demolition, substructure construction works, supper structureconstruction works, masonry works,  MEP works,roofing works, finishing worksAccording tothe planning programme schedule prepared, this development project should befinished and complete within three years (34 months). To avoid the unnecessarydelay on construction, proper and more attention should be given to progressfollow up. Approval for the planning is an important milestone in the project.If planning approval receiving on time, the project also can be start on timein order to programme schedule without any delay.

Otherwise scheduled program willbe shift back according to the delay duration and it will be an impact for costconsume.The criticalpath of this program mainly consist of super structure of the building, also itis covering the landscaping, mobilising and foundation works. Hence these itemshas to be properly managed completed on time to the betterment of the project.There aresome main assumptions consider prior to prepare the project programme. And theyare; no unexpected weather changes and natural disasters and no legislationchanges. The probability of likely of these assumptions are normally very lowin UK. But, the risk register is prepared for the project including themitigation actions to avoid the high impacts.

So the contractor shouldresponsible for follow up response action properly.  According to the risk register prepared, thereare some highly risk occur activities which are mainly categorized to designrisk activities, Project management risk activities, Resources risk activities,Quality risk activities and Health & Safety risk activities. Under the design risk activities, Change inscope during the refurbishment and new construction work is highly risklikelihood activity and project time will be increase due to that. Thereforeproject cost also increase due to delay on construction. Same asVariations & Structural changes in during renovation of old buildings isanother highly risk likelihood activity and total contract sum will beincreased due to that. Pending & inadequate of the design detailsand specifications in construction is also highly risk activity under designcategory and, achieve the required standard and specification failure is thecause of that. So the construction time will increase in the project and costwill increase partially due to that.

Under the Projectmanagement risk activities, Lack of supervision is highly risk likelihoodactivity and it cause the required quality of work failure in the project.Quality is related with time and it mainly increased time and partially cost. Inappropriateplanning & scheduling in the project will cause increase in projectduration and it will directly effect to project time & cost. Cost estimating errors & mistakes is alsohighly risk likelihood activity and directly project cost & time will beincreased due to that risk. Under the resources risk activities, fluctuationin material, plant, machinery prices and lack of availability of unskilledlabor are two highly risk likelihood activities and both them cause theincrease of cost in the project. Under the quality risk activities, Poorworkmanship and Quality of material not meeting the standard are two highlyrisk likelihood activities and both them cause project cost & timeincreased. So these occurring risk of time and cost can bemitigate or reduced by following the action measures on t the risk register.Before the commencement of construction,principal contractor should responsible for prepare and develop health file.

But in this project principal contractor is not yet appointed.According to the risk register, highly risk likelihood activities are; Accidentor injury toWorkers & public bymoving objects, Accident or injury to workers by electricity and Working inheight. Most of these accidents will be occur during the demolition work.

Surrounding area, site and environment affected by vibration, dust, noise,falling objects and heat due to the demolition work. Therefore, the contractor hasto give the priority and more attention for arrangements in precaution before commenceof work. Required mitigation actions for these hazards is given in the risk registerand also there are some more possible hazard risks can occur during theconstruction and response actions also are given in the risk register.Therefore, the designer, client and the contractor have to give priority andmore attention to follow up the risk register given and do necessary actions.Thestakeholder analysis is important for the development project in order to carryout the work and complete the project on time. So, the stakeholder analyzed isdone in to four major groups, which each group treated in specific ways. Theclient and the shareholders are the key stakeholders in this project because ofthe high power and high interest they had.The client hasthe full power and interest in this whole project.

Because he is getting morebenefit from the project and he will won’t prefer to take any lost from the project.Next to client, the shareholders are the valuable persons, because they invest moneyin to the project. If shareholders not satisfy with the planning stage, theyhave rights to stop this project.Secondly,the stakeholders with having some high power and low interest are important tokeep with satisfaction about the project. According to the analysis, stakeholdersbelong to this category are; local planning authority, development controlcommittee, fire and highway authority. They are the people having the overallcontrolling power in this project start to the end.

Therefore, their requirementsand expectation must satisfied for the approvals and effectively manage the projectduring the period without facing any critical issues. So, the proper communicationstrategy and coordination have to be place to have good relationship with them.Stakeholders with having some high interest andlow power are; designer, contractor, suppliers, Insurance Company and bank.Always proper information regarding the project should provide to them, becausethey give their maximum support & involvement to the project. And finally Stakeholders with having both low interestand power are; Utilities, Neighborhood Community, User and Road user. They willhave several kind of problems at the initial stage to final completion stage ofthe project such as traffic problems, noise, vibration, and falling objects.Therefore, their requirements and satisfaction during the construction periodmust also consider.According to this project, cost is mostimportant factor and we have to give the more attention for cost affectingactivities.

Here, time is important than the quality and cost is more importantthan both time and quality.                               2. TEAM BEHAVIOUR   Many people use team work strategy for completionof work on correct time with standard manner. Because team work is the major requisiteto complete a work on time. Normally as a habit, people get feel more comfortablewhen they share their ideas with each other. So, team work is most essential partfor new creativity works. There are several type of people and each and every peoplehave different proficiency and their knowledge, capabilities, attitude and comportmentalso are varied. Therefore, assessment of the individual’s quality, their capabilityto work as a team and experiences are important, when form a group of individual.

Team behaviour is most significant part whenforming an active team or group and will help to make appropriate individual’sgroup. For this project, our group used “Myers Briggs” type indicator. Thisindicator is one of the method to identify the behaviour of the individuals andso, this will assist to choose the suitable persons to form an effective team.In this Myers Briggs indicator, there are some pair of standard preferencesavailable and that preferences will help to identify the each of person’s categoryby processing of typical standard categorizing. Each and every group were formed by random selectionof two or three students without consideration of Myers Briggs behaviour of anyperson. This selection was done by the module lecturer and every group have toprepare project report for the proposed development Eden walk shopping centreAccording to Myers Briggs process, I haveselected Extraversion (E) type of energy force, intuition (N) type of informationprocessing, thinking (T) type of decision making and judging (J) type of organizinglife. So, my Myers Briggs personality type is ENTJ and this personality type hastypical strength of Intelligent, well informed, very efficient, strategic, andcompetitive & task focused and has possible weakness of quick and decisivejudgments, confrontation, direct and have little patience with disorganization.In our group there are three of them includingme and one member-1 has Introversion (I) type of energy force, Sensing (S) typeof information processing, thinking (T) type of decision making and judging (J)type of organizing life.

So, his Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ and thispersonality type has typical strength of extremely thorough, dependable,responsible, Well-organized, hardworking, and work steadily towards identifiedgoals and possible weakness of believe that they’re always right and seemsrigid to others.And other member-2 has Extraversion (E) type of energyforce, intuition (N) type of information processing Feeling (F) type of decisionmaking and Perceiving (P) type of organizing life. So, his Myers Briggs personalitytype is ENFP and this personality type has typical strength of Enthusiastic, creative,idealistic, excited by new ideas, Open-minded and flexible, have great peopleskills and have a broad range of interests and abilities and has no possible weaknessof him. Three of our members are categorized to threedifferent Myers Briggs groups as I am at Intellectuals (NT) group and member-1at Protectors (SJ) group and member-3 at Visionaries (NF) group.NTs are logical, practical and unsentimental in theirapproach of problem solving and they capability to design new things, alwaysthink as originally & naturally. Commonly being analytical, inquisitive,independent, intellectual and complex.SJs are observant, realistic, stable, requiringtasks be completed correctly. When a need arises, they are quick to provide asolution, not driven by impulse, By virtue of their reliable, industrious,diligent, persevering nature, make excellent leaders.

NFs areintrospective, highly idealistic, intuitive, imaginative, inclined, creativelyand passionate about their choice causes.  According to team behaviour, three teams aredifferent from each other. But in our group members finished this project asone team. We gather our abilities to make success this project and till finalwe act as one team having those all behaviour together.              Inour group, I and another friend is Tamil, and third partner is Sinhalese.

Mostof the time we communicate each other by language English and so, communicationwas not a disturbance to our project workout. Three of us live too far fromeach other and its difficulty to get together always. But when after ourlecture times, we discussed the project and each of us separated our work asmember-1 project programme preparation (me) , member-2 stake holder analysisand member – 3  prepare risk register.Each of us gather study materials from the website and books and study thatindividually as a first stage. And the university given materials and otherresource material were shared through the emails.

Most of the time somediscussion among us was done through the phone and get-together after thelecture times and holidays to discuss the progress. Finally each of us done ourpart and prepare the final output report. I am keen in MS Project and my friend member-2 hasgood experience in MS Excel we all helped each other when we have problem todefine the path of our allocated works.By doing this type of project, we utilized theskill we got from for the analytical work, preparation of report and also thispersonal skill will helps us to do our carrier as professional engineers.                 


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