EXECUTIVE the competitiors. The consumer has different

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SYNOPSISBEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER IN BUYING BALL PENSThe project has more importance in the world of business. Practical is more good than the theory. “doing something is to make better” To get aware of how theortical ideas are being happening at TWPL, I followed to take an overview summary of all the departments of the business and its operatng mechanisim.

I got an good opportunity to learn lot about the process.The study of my project is BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMER IN BALL PENS. The pen is normal thing which is used by every one of us. There are lot of varieties available in the market with different cost. Each and Every company of pen where producing pen with lot of designs and varieties (gel, nip, colour shape etc,) The market of pen have more competition among the competitiors.

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The consumer has different types of taste in choosing the brand of ben on his behaviour of buying. Its really hard to describe the behaviour of consumer. Eventhough I found out how the conusmer choose her brand in pen. How they choosse for brand?? which influences them to buy the particular brand?


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