Re: reply on house insurance From The Manager

Re: Fire Insurance of my house I want to get my premises insured against fire, damage in riots of earthquake etc. Would you please let me know what formalities I will Have to complete for the purpose? Also please quote your rates of insurance against a sum of ____________ (Amount in words) for my house. The premises concerned is a purely residential building occupied! Exclusively by me and was built last year with bank loan. An early reply will be highly appreciated. Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Your Name)

Insurance firm’s reply on house insurance

FromThe Manager(Insurance Company Name)(Addresss)(Date) To(Name)(Address) Dear (Name), In response to your letter dated ____________ we state that the rate of house insurance against a sum of ____________ (Amount) will be about ____________ (amount) per annum, payable in advance every year.

This rate is subject to the condition of the building, material used and other factors. We think that in seeking insurance of your building, you are taking a very wise step. We will be glad to offer you this facility at the low rates quoted above.

We are sending you an insurance form in duplicate for filling up. Please do the needful and return the same so that we could send our overseer to inspect the building and report. We will issue a policy only on a favourable report of the inspector and after we receive your cheque against insurance premium.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,(Manager Name)

Owner’s objection to high rates of insurance for building)

From(Your Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Manager,(Insurance company Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Re: Building Insurance I am in receipt of your letter dated ____________, but regret to state that I consider your insurance rates as too high. I don’t think there is any justification for your keeping the rates so high as compared to other companies for similar buildings. My own house in ____________ (Address) is insured with another company for the same ____________ (Amount) and I have to pay only ____________ (Amount) per year. I still can go to the same company for the new building but it is only my desire to distribute the risk over many companies that I have approached you. I should, therefore, be pleased if you could cover my building to the premium level of ­­____________(Amount) only.

Awaiting your reply, Yours faithfully.(Your Name)


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