Evidence-based on studies, how the use of

Evidence-based nursing practice relies on evidence from research and refers to clinicians making an effort to integrate research finding into clinical thinking and decision making (JA Fain, 2017, P. 5). Critically appraising studies is necessary before basing your practice on them. Critical appraisal focuses on weighing up evidences, assessment of benefits, strengths and weakness of the research, and assessing research method, process and results.
Writer is interested on studies, how the use of air mattress on patients with limited mobility help to prevent pressure ulcers development. In this critique, a qualitative study published in 2017 in the British Journal of Nursing is inspected. This article “A 100 patient clinical evaluation of an alternating pressure replacement mattress in a home-based setting” was written by Stephen-Haynes, Jackie, & Callaghan, Rosie.
Pressure ulcers are a concern in the US and internationally due to their significant clinical and financial impact. According to the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, 2.5 million patients per year affected by pressure ulcers in the US, and the cost related to pressure ulcers range from $ 9.1 to $11.6 billion per year. Patients affected by pressure ulcers suffer from complications such as pain, infection, scarring, prolonged hospital stay, and permanent disability. Each year 60,000 patients die as direct result of pressure ulcer.
The authors have depicted the significance of the research in an effective manner wherein they have discussed the prevalence of pressure ulcers in European hospitals ranged from 8.3% to 23%, the high cost incurred for treating pressure ulcer in the UK estimated to range from £43 to £374 daily. Authors discussed on the need of multidisciplinary approach in prevention and management of pressure ulcer, such as: skin inspection, surface assessment, keeping patient moving, management of incontinence, maintain and monitor nutritional and hydration status, the provision of pressure-redistributing equipment remain paramount.
Purpose of The Study
A health and care National Health Service (NHS) trust was exploring for an alternating pressure air mattress (APAM) because the system it used was being discontinued. The trust was looking for alternating pressure air mattress that plays a positive role in prevention and management of pressures ulcers, and at the same time a mattress with low maintenance cost that would need servicing once every two years as opposed to once a year. the authors have described the research purpose


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