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Everyone is inspired by someone who they look up to as their role model. The idea of choosing Nursing as my profession was an inspiration from my mother. My mother is a hardworking woman who chooses family above anything else. Her constant support to the family is important to her. Despite that, she used to work as clinic nurse and her dedication toward her work inspired me to provide support to people who are in need. Ever since then, nursing became my passion because I want to contribute love and care to all of my patients. Recently, I interned at Advocate Lutheran Older Adult Services where I got a chance to experience the environment of what it is like being a nurse.

I faced many challenges but I overcame many challenges which taught me to keep pushing myself. Throughout the duration of the internship, I showed leadership, communication, positivity, and enthusiasm in all my work. I provided extra hands when the nurses needed help. Mrs. Chovane, director of Older Adult services, claimed, ” I would love to give a grade higher than an A+. Vaishnavi has the potential of giving care to our clients and I am positive she will provide good care in future as well. I know she will do great in college and achieve her goals of being a nurse.” I was happy to see the progress I was making and made me feel I was able to achieve this honor from what I had learned from my mother.

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I loved interning at Older services because I got an in-depth knowledge of all the clients and the staff members. Additionally, being in this program will allow me to experience the work field amongst the other students and get the opportunity to experience hands-on projects. Through my passion and the support from my professors, staff members, family, and friends, I will be able to finish my courses which will allow me to graduate sooner than other students who take the traditional path.  Soon, will begin my career as a nurse in hospitals/ clinics providing care to the patients.

If I get accepted to this program, I will be excited and prepared for this program which can help me achieve my goals faster.


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