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Everyone feels anxious at some point in their life. When people feel anxious about something it normally means they have anxiety. Having anxiety can be a big struggle.

It can take over your life and give you the feeling you have no control. Anxiety disorder does not affect everyone, but to the people it does affect it is tough to go through alone. Anxiety disorder affects many people’s lives and in some cases the anxiety is not taken seriously.

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The causes, symptoms, and treatments are key items that people with this disorder want to know about.First, the causes of anxiety disorder can have a big impact on your life. One thing that could cause you to have anxiety is changes in your brain and environment. This can affect you because your brain is use to a schedule and if that schedule gets messed up you want to try to get it back on track, but that might be hard. If you aren’t comfortable in your environment that can cause anxiety because it would be hard to stay calm.Worry and fear are constant when dealing with anxiety.

Anxiety is when you worry about future events. Fears is worrying about about current events. Fear is common when you are suffering from anxiety. Everyone has the fear of falling off a bike. For some, it’s not a big deal. They fall, find out they are okay, and get back on the bike. For people with anxiety disorder, just getting on the bike may be difficult.

If they do get on the bike and fall, that may cause them not to get back up. The fear of getting hurt again prevents them from trying again.Anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in America.

There are many different types of anxiety. According to Mayo Clinic (2017) there are several types of anxiety disorders. The main anxiety disorders are general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. General anxiety disorder which includes excessive anxiety and worrying about activities or events. Sometimes the worry is out of proportion.

This makes it difficult to control and can affect how you feel physically. Panic disorder has repeated episodes of intense anxiety and fear. You can have feelings of shortness of breath, chest pains, or a rapid heartbeat. Panic attacks can lead to worrying about them happening to you again or avoiding situations where they have occured. Other types of anxiety are agoraphobia which is where you fear and avoid places that can cause you to panic, anxiety due to medical conditions caused from symptoms of intense panic or anxiety that are caused by physical health problems, separation anxiety disorder which is a childhood disorder that’s excessive for children’s development level, selective mutism is the failure of children to speak in certain situations, like at school. This disorder can affect their school work and social functioning, social anxiety disorder has high levels of anxiety, having the fear of feeling embarrassed, self-consciousness, and being judged are part of this disorder.

Substance-induced anxiety disorder is characterized by intense anxiety or panic. This is a result of drug abuse, taking medication, or having a withdrawal from drugs. Specific and unspecific anxiety disorders are anxiety or phobias that don’t meet exact criteria for other anxiety disorders but can be distressful and disruptive. These disorders makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning sometimes. This disease just makes your life hard. Things that can cause anxiety is stress or the use of drugs. People may have anxiety because they are stressed out about school.

They may always worrying about what homework they have and what needs to get done in what amount of time. This may cause you to put off what you have to do till the last minute. Anxiety can make you fear doing the things you love most in life. It makes you fear doing things like speaking in public places. Anxiety can also happen when something big in your life is about to happen. Sometimes, anxiety is never taken as serious as it should be. A lot of people think people suffering from this disease are just “looking for attention” when they are actually hurting.

According to Mayo Clinic (2017) anxiety can worsen mental and physical conditions like depression and substance abuse. It can cause you to have trouble sleeping, digestive or bowel problems, and headaches. Anxiety can cause you to feel socially isolated, not able to function at work or school, it could even lead to suicide.The symptoms of anxiety disorder can vary depending on how bad the disease affects you.

According to Mayo Clinic (2017) depending on how bad anxiety affects you your symptoms could range from feeling nervous, having a sense of panic and doom, increased heart rate, breathing rapidly, sweating, trembling, feeling weak or tired, can’t concentrate or think about anything else but worry, trouble sleeping, and gastrointestinal problems. These symptoms can affect you greatly because you can’t control when they are going to happen to you. Sometimes if the anxiety is so bad it could make you want to die. These types of symptoms can have a big impact on your life.

These symptoms affect you tremendously. If you’re having a bad day, your body won’t let you control what goes on. You’ll want to try to get help but you don’t think anyone will understand what you are going through. Some symptoms may not seem like they are a big deal, but to the people dealing with them they are.

Dealing with some symptoms of anxiety can put a lot of pressure on the person dealing with it. According to Mayo Clinic (2017)  types of symptoms from anxiety are fast heart rate, sweating, feeling weak or tired, trouble sleeping, feeling tense, and shakiness, but the disorder differs by results in symptoms. Adults and children can have different symptoms when experiencing anxiety. When these symptoms occur it is hard for a person to become calm right away. It will take time for the person to calm down and that is okay. The symptoms can affect you greatly but there could be a treatment. Treatment to anxiety can be helpful, but if not treated it can reduce productivity and reduce an individual’s quality of life.

Medication is most common when trying to treat anxiety. The most common medication that is used to treat anxiety are antidepressants. According to Web MD (2017) types of antidepressants that are commonly used to treat anxiety are citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine.

Other antidepressants like Duloxetine, venlafaxine, and imipramine act on the brain chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine . Antihistamines can help mild cases of anxiety. Gabapentin and pregabalin are both showing value to treating some types of anxiety. These are suppose to help you on the bad days but they don’t cure the anxiety totally. Another type of treatment that is used is therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy are used for anxiety. Cognitive therapy addresses negative patterns by the way we look at the world and ourselves.

In this therapy, the patient is involved in their own recovery. This therapy involves the patient to read about problems, keep records, and to do homework over procedures that are practiced with them. According to the American Psychological Association psychotherapy is referred to as talking therapy. You and your psychologist will engage in dialogue about your problems and how your can fix them. As you continue psychotherapy, building trust will continue.

Treatment can be extremely effective toward anxiety disorder. By getting treatment, it could lead to the patient having a normal life. There are more medications that are available now then there have ever been. Just by having medical and personal support can really help someone get through anxiety if they had someone to talk to. Having support can help a person extremely when dealing with anxiety. This person could be there to talk when the patient needs to talk about what is going on or just having some company so they don’t feel alone and the anxiety can just eat away at them.

There are, however, some negatives for the person giving the support. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA) (2016) the activities around the house may get pushed onto them where they have to pay all the bills, shop for the family, and drive the children to all their activities. This can cause the partner to feel burned out and overwhelmed. Keeping or getting a job may be tough when suffering from anxiety. Your spouse or partners may take the role of doing everything to keep you are your feet, which wouldn’t be easy. There are ways that you can also help yourself and you won’t be accused of being selfish.

According to ADAA (2016) a way to help yourself is not to give up on your own life and interests. Engaging in your outside interests will make you more energized, happier, and better prepared to face challenges that head towards your way! Another way to help yourself is seek help for yourself. Recovering from anxiety can be stressful on the partner and anxiety sufferer. If you think that you are suffering from anxiety, contact a doctor and consider visiting a mental health professional.To conclude, the causes, symptoms, and treatments can have a positive or negative impact in your life. If you are going through anxiety, tell someone about it. Don’t try battling it on your own. It will be hard to win the fight.

If you feel like you are worrying so much that it interferes with your relationships, work, and other parts of your life you should see a doctor.  If you had anxiety how would you go by treating it depending on what caused it and what type of symptoms you have?


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