Everyone quite difficult because it has three

Everyone has a goal. A goal is very important to all people. Without a
goal in life is meaningless. Goals consist of two categories which are
professional goals and personal goals. A goal was indicated through goal
setting. Goals setting were the process of thinking about your ideal future and
for motivating someone to turn their vision for the future into reality. Goals
setting also process deciding what you want to realize and formulating a plan
to achieve the result you desire. Some people quote say “Setting goals is
the first step in turning invisible into the visible.” By Tony Robbins.

My short-term goal is i want to finish my degree level in Bachelor of
Arts (Honours) in Accounting and Finance at KPTM Bangi by 2019. For me, study
at this level it’s very difficult because coercion from within our self to
improve in every examination are needed. Hence, I know that my goal will
achieve if I set my target to get 75% and above in every semester. Then, I will
improve myself with the continued effort with the study hard and smart without
any complain and try to do three or four practice questions after every of
topic studies. By doing as many revision papers and questions as I can, what I
have learned during the class will stay in my head. Since I am accounting
student, make more exercise is very important because every calculation will
come out with the new formula we need to memorize. Then, because of that, I
need to make more exercise. I will learn from my past and take it as a lesson.
So, I would not repeat the same mistake again. My goal is realistic as because
I already adept with my knowledge in the account during diploma level and will
apply back during current studies. The effect from that, it will make it easier
to achieve my goals.

Secondly, my medium professional goal is I want to achieve first class
in ACCA by 2022. ACCA Certificate is the professional body for a chartered
account and to achieve that qualification takes three to four years. This
qualification has quite difficult because it has three main components which
are 14 exams depending on an exemption, experience 36 months on the relevant
role and professional ethics module. Besides that, I know that I will achieve
my goal if I set my mind to get 80% in every examination and get a good result
without repeat any paper. I’m sure I have been on the right track because I
already have a degree in the accounting field. Next, the first thing that I need
to do is I will manage my time to studies as maximum as I can. At the beginning
of studies, discipline myself and produce clear schedule of the extra study for
my exams and at the weekend I need to make extra hours of practice will become
a habit. At the same times, I will make group studying with my friend to
reinforce my knowledge then we can look at different topics of angles. Besides
that, my goal is realistic as because I have been on the right track because I
already have a degree in the accounting field and make easier to achieve my

Lastly, my long-term professional goal is I would like to become a
government staff at Jabatan Audit Negara by age 26 years old. Nowadays, every
employer more to an emphasis on soft skills such as communication skill,
teamwork skill, information technology skill and others to become accepted as
their employees. Then, I know that I will achieve my goal if I develop my soft
skills related to what I learned during diploma and degree level. And also make
100% all out during degree level. The attainable to achieve this goal is, I
need to do for making my goals come true is I need to develop all my skills
that I have for make interviewer attractive for the first time attend the
interview session. In addition, I will polish my skills with another experience
that I have learnt during my studies and also push myself in every single day.
At the same time, I will write down my goals at the paper or anywhere that can
be the review as my daily inspiration. My goal is realistic as because I was
applied for SPA on the website. From the research that has been shown, 70% SPA
candidate was successful getting the job. Besides that, I also have experience
in the internship at audit firm during diploma level. So, I have a bright
future to achieve my goals.

Besides that, my short-term personal goal is I want to lose my weight
2kg per week. My weight right now is 65kg and height 160cm. Body mass index
(BMI) test has been shown I was overweight so I need to lose my weight. I know
that my goal will be achieved if I successfully trained myself eating before 7
pm and also avoid myself take unhealthy food, for example, drink ice water and
eat junk food. Thus, I need to take an action to achieve my goals. In order to
achieve my goal I will exercise 4 times every week and control my unhealthy
eating habit. I continued my exercise and clean food for five months without
pressure. I will make it a cardio exercise like jogging and running for 45
minutes every 4 times every week. Another 15 minutes I have made regular
stretching exercise like yoga. If I free I will spend time at the gym for
making some workout with my best friend Radhiah. While in term of unhealthy
food is I do not eat dry food and I will use only coconut oil for cooked and
eat more vegetables and fruits. My goal is realistic as because before this I
already lose my weight was dropped 10kg within 3 months. I can’t describe my
feeling at that time because all effort gives me a big impact on myself.

A medium personal goal is I want travel with my friend went to Jeju
Island after I finish my studies at age 26 years old. I know that my goal will
achieve if saved the money RM5 per day. If I consistently continue my saving
without waste my money for the necessary thing, it will be able for me achieve
my goal. In order to achieve my goal to travel, I need to save more money. To
save more money I can open an online business becomes a drop ship by selling a
cosmetic product. The profit that I get from the online business is I can save
it for travel. I will save 30% of my salary from doing the part-time job during
my studies. I will try my best to find greatest budget travellers and spending
my money wisely. In addition, I will make a small business which is sold muffin
with different flavour such as nasi lemak muffin, durian muffin and other. From
the effort, I believe my goal is realistic as because I already have experience
travel in the Asian country such as Indonesian and Thailand. The experience
makes me more excited to be backpacker as Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtaruddin.

Long-term personal is I would like to become a chef and open worldwide
restaurant 20 years from now. The personal goal can get tougher if I want to
achieve two goals at the same times more over if a goal in the business field.
The goal in the business field needs more experience to running the business in
the future. So, because of that, I know that my goal will achieve if learned
cooking with my mother and always cooking for my family on a weekend. I get
positive comment from them. My family also have a restaurant in area Terengganu
which is Sedap Sokmo restaurant and Zieman restaurant. In order to achieve my
goals is I will find the part-time job at the restaurant for gained experience
and learn how to manage a business restaurant. I need to expose myself to the
business and cooking fields because the experience is invaluable to handle a
big business which is my goal to open the worldwide restaurant. At the same
times, I will practice to cook at home with my favourite food and create new
variation in cooking skill. My goal is realistic because as I already have the
culinary certificate from Giat Mara during my secondary school.

In conclusion, a goal that I was in state at above using SMART approach
is effectiveness because the goal setting using SMART approach can outcomes are
achieved in an organized and carefully way, which gives a great benefit. This
is because a goal without proper planning is nothing more than a wish.
Hopefully, the process that I follow in setting using SMART approach will help
me to achieve my goals smoothly.



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