Everybody afternoon but mainly during the summer. Mainly

Everybody loves circuses the
lights, music, costumes, tricks, animals, etc. especially the animals they are
the best part! Maybe most of you all know what happens behind those curtains,
those “amazing tricks” aren’t so amazing to teach the animals. Let me just say
there’s even torture tools that are used especially for the animals.

When was the circus
created and who invented it?

To start off with, the circus was first
created in England by Philip Astley on January 8, 1752;in Newcastle-under-Lyme
England. Astley was. A six foot tall former sergeant-major and ex-calvary that
became a showman, also a man that served in the Seven Years War from 1756-1763,
many proclaimed he was an intelligent man and in war but also in breaking
horses and bec ok ming their trainer. He was seen by a man who was a celebrated
riding and fencing master. He goes by the name of Domingo Angelo. Angelo
decided to teach astley how to make Cavalry crossword in battle better, later this
will become useful for his shows. He was discharged on June21,1766 and returned
to Lambeth with a partner who later became his wife. After all his years in
war, he purchased a land named as ” Hoover’s Half Penny Hatch” in Surry County,
it’s located towards South London, he then started riding school. Astley taught
horseback riding in the morning and performed in the afternoon but mainly during
the summer. Mainly he just used horses and got them to use feign death, fire a
pistol, and perform “mind reading tricks” . When Astley did his performances he
had the audience set up in a circular arena because it was easier to see and
for the performers to get around, the word circular is why it’s called circus.
Astley named his rootless place “Astleys Riding House” and added a stronger
wooden structure so everyone was procyed from the London weather . The clowns
were added by the Elizabeth theatre, and with the clowns doing many other
stunts, that was known as the modern circus. Astley opened the first circus in
Paris it was the Amphhitheatre Anglois in 1782 around this time is when Astley started
becoming very successful and wanted a more popular audience. This is when the
circus was originally born, people had different opinions about it, some even
said it was a freak show. They called it a freak show because it included other
equestrians, acrobats, rope dancers, aerialists, and clowns.

When and where did
the circus come to America?

The circuits first moved into
America in 1825 because of an entrepreneur named Joshuah Purdy Brown, and he
did away with the usual construction that Philip Astley, and instead used a full
canvas tent and this a days everyone knows by. And when the circus first came
to the United States it was in New York, Brown had a dealer named Hachaliah
Bailey and purchased a baby elephant, which later went around the country with
very successful performances.(elephant pictured on the left named Jumbo) Later
after performing with elephant, Brown. Used other exotic animals. When the
first American circuits started it was a runner by a business man that had very
different models than the first European circuses. in 1871, Phineas taylor
barnum was in accociation with circus entrepreneur William Cameron coup, and Barnum
started a museum, Menagerie and Circus, here they showed people unusual things
about humans, this became a sideshow for the American circus. The year 1872 is
when they had to make another circus ring because it was the most popular
entertainment in America with Barnum and Coup’s enterprise the leading circus.

Who are the
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus?

Ringling Brothers was founded in 1884 in Baraboo, Wisconsin, with five ringling
brothers, Albert, otto, Alfred, Charles, john, august and lastly Henry. Adding many
side shows for the circus and toured in the U.S. Midwest, and what made the
shows grow very quickly was their elephant in 1888, this when they began using
their circus wagons and railway cars so they could go farther faster with no
problem. the Barnum & Bailey circus is the Ringling Bros. biggest competition
around this time, they would always purchase other circus which made their
expand. But then in 1906 the Ringling Bros. were able to purchase the Barnum
& Bailey circus wich made them the only spontanious circus in the world. After
one of the Rringling bros. death in 1926, Charles who had ran the circus for
ten years, John took over and bought the American corp in 1929 and was
controlling eleven more circuses in the United states. This circus had grown so
much it was at a seating capacity of ten-thousand people, but in 1936 unfortunetlky
the Ringling family most their company after 


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