Every many opportunities like learning to understand people

Every American teen should value their public education. Without education it is difficult to get a job that can be built into a career. It seems teenagers these years have been taking their education for granted.

Some students are not grateful enough for all the teachers that devote their time and energy to teach. It comes back to haunt them in many ways, especially in planning for their future. Try making the best out of all learning opportunities given. High school isn’t easy, but it can be easier by taking education seriously. It may not be fun or easy right now, but it will lead to a fun and successful future.

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Education is extremely vital. Students should praise it, teachers should praise it, the world should praise it. Education is an enjoyable process of learning how the world works. It gives many opportunities like learning to understand people and become open-minded to others and to the world. It can create a confident and powerful person. It is a preparation for a less scary future.

Without it, people would not know how to communicate or speak with others. Education provides knowledge and information, is there anything more valuable? Knowledge can be used to create a difference, knowledge can be used to improve society, and knowledge can be used to make this world a better place. Education and intelligence last forever. It will take time and effort, but it will be noticed in society; the positive influence and motivation education can create. Education and knowledge is a way to contribute to this world. Knowledge is power. According to National Center for Education Statistics young adults who finish high school earn over 20 percent more from employment than those who did not finish high school. The average earnings of young adults who completed high school was 22 percent higher than those of young adults without high school completion.

The U.S. Census Berea-Key Data suggests  unemployment rates for people who did not finish high school was six percent higher than rates for those with a diploma or a GED. Completing high school can help secure a job when ready. A high school education also helps to earn more money that can be used to buy anything needed or wanted. According to Georgetown University predictions for 2020 suggest that over 60 percent of jobs will require some college work or a bachelor’s degree.

So, in the future it could be a strenuous task to find a job without a required high school diploma at the very least. Understood.org suggests that many life skills are learned throughout school-related activities like the ability to apply knowledge to real life situations, independent thinking skills, the ability to express thoughts and opinions, learning to balance duties and responsibilities and being able to follow-through on both long-term and short-term goals.

The rate of death for adults with less than 12 years of education is nearly two and a half times higher than the rate for those with more than 13 years, according to the American Youth Policy Forum. There are multiple factors as to why people who did not complete high school have a lower life expectancy compared to those who did complete high school. The Center for Public Education suggests one reason is that society relies on all of its members to comply to laws, care for themselves, and consider the greater good.

People who complete high school contribute more to society in terms of financial stability. According to the American Youth Policy Forum, high school dropouts are more likely to use public assistance programs and serve time in jail than graduates. These public services can cost Americans over $20 billion every year. Programs that offer medical coverage and food to people who can not afford it are mainly paid for by tax dollars and state or federal funds. High school graduates pay about 50 percent more into state and federal taxes than dropouts. This issue creates a system where less educated people are actually using more.Completion of high school is important across many aspects of life and especially into the future.

While some of the material taught can seem boring or useless, the overall experience can come with a great reward. The completion of high school can be used to see life goals and dreams achieved, to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in life.


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